G-Star Black Friday Weekend Upto 50% off + Free  Delivery

G-Star Black Friday Weekend Upto 50% off + Free Delivery

Found 25th Nov 2017Edited by:"pimpchez"
Somebody once said to me , "buy when its cheap so you dont have to pay more when you are in need".

You never usually see a sale with more than 20% off , a great variety to be had.
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Back to '80 style?
Gstar lol
Dated brand, truly awful stuff.
extra 10% off for anyone looking to buy if you subscribe to the news letter
I REALLY like some of the g-star stuff....nothing dated about it....it's all subjective....mind you, tk maxx sometimes carries stock....some old season....some new....I got a lovely G-star parka for 45quid....got it home and found it for sale for just under 300quid!!!.....but you have to be lucky....heated up and thanks for posting! :0)
Rednirah50 m ago

Dated brand, truly awful stuff.

Fashion comes round and round but classic never dies.Deduce what you will.
I will say this , even at £100 my g star jeans have easily outlasted my waistband over the years .
Thanks, heated.

Found one that should fit my fat bum. Slim fit hell
so what brands are fashionable now , dayum i feel old
i like my ass to keep warm, 100% of them jeans are ass cold style ones
terrible brand
Not a terrible brand at all, what nonsense.
They make some good quality items.
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