G-Star Jack Embroidered Jeans £30!! @ Republic

G-Star Jack Embroidered Jeans £30!! @ Republic

Found 13th Feb 2009Made hot 14th Feb 2009
G-star jeans for £30 + Delivery, Not sure if there is a free del code..

Cheapest they have ever been! Got Various sizes as well!


Instore too ?

luvly pair! very good find mate !

And Quidco!

Nice looking pair of jeans but that big G-Star logo on the bum area ruins - makes you look about 15 years old!

Decent price though (depending on the actual quality).

saldy dont have my size
but amazing price!

AMAZING. hot hot hot

although its just a stupid stiched logo that bumps up the price :P


Dont forget this students!http://www.republic.co.uk/page/studentdiscount

doesn't work with other offers.

Not really my kind of jeans but a good price for G-Star jeans. They have some good items in the sale what i want tho :thumbsup:

yeah out of stock.

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back in stock.
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