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G-Tech air ram Cordless Vacuum - £161.98 at Costco
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G-Tech air ram Cordless Vacuum - £161.98 at Costco

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Posted 7th Nov 2018Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Costco warehouse nationwide deal.

Cordless vacuum
Rechargeable battery
40 minute run time

Reviews are some 4.5 Amazon etc..

At this price it's great value.
Had for few days and her indoors and the kids recommend.

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Find this cheaper on EBay
complicatedsam8 h, 35 m ago

Find this cheaper on EBay

Just looked and can't find a single New one at this price ...

Few used ones

I could be wrong though..
Edited by: "indi64" 7th Nov 2018
If I ever meet that Nick Grey .....
Edited by: "chimp14uk" 7th Nov 2018
This hoover sucks!

Which is more than can be said the the hand held multi version which just doesn't. Might be me but can't really recommend either at the price they charge.
Edited by: "munki72" 7th Nov 2018
Great hoover, Wouldn’t recommend the hand held, doesn’t work and it’s too expensive.
Considering buying this but reading some reviews saying it don't replace a proper hoover. If that's the case then it's a no for me
My wife borrowed one of these from a friend and tried it, she quite liked it although she agreed the hand held mini unit was useless. My daughter brought the Dyson V10 just two weeks back and my wife thought it was too heavy although it was stronger and better than the G-Tech but not over £200 better and neither the G-Tech or V10 should be used to replace an existing cable powered vacuum but for a quick daily run round it is ideal and the battery lasts longer on the GTech ignore what Dyson tell you, on full power the V10 lasts around 20 minutes and takes an age to recharge

Now on eBay G-Tech are selling refurbished units for £119.99 so we decided to bite the bullet, honestly, it looks brand new, I swear the one we got hasn't been used, spotlessly clean and not a mark on it. For a new one this is a great price but I'd still rather have our "refurb" for £120.00 I had an ebay code which took it down to £110 and then I had £18 in Nectar points so we really did get a bargain.

If you want a GTech or Dyson cordless as a main vacuum you'll be disappointed but as a quic lightweight keep on top of things type thing the Gtech is great
We've got the Dyson V10 as our main vacuum. Love it. Use it on the middle setting and it does the whole house no problem. It is quite heavy but no real problem. Even my daughter uses it to clean her room! The Gtech looks good as well. The only reason we bought the Dyson is that we have 2 normal Dyson plug in ones that are very good and we love, so we carried on with that. But we did consider this one which is a very good price.
IT'S NOT A HOOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Besford14 h, 14 m ago

IT'S NOT A HOOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this case, doubly right... more of a battery powered carpet sweeper!
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