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Wasteland 2: Director's Cut - Classic Edition Steam Key GLOBAL - £5.69 @ G2A
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Fallout, but not Fallout. Director's Cut is controller friendly. Good fun while waiting for Wastelands 3. £5.69 (unclick G2A Shield Membership) You get to repair toasters. But… Read more
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This site deals in stolen keys and constantly screws over game devs. They also charge you for protection for stolen cards even though the onus is on them to make sure the keys are not stolen. For the sake of a couple of pounds you could end up with a game code that gets revoked. Do not buy from these guys.


Sounds fairly typical with G2A - a place to stay well away from, really.


I bought this game from G2A once, after a couple of days GOG deleted the game from my account and told me it was a key bought with a stolen card, got my money back from G2A but only because I used G2A shield, so keep that ticked because you never know

12 Months Xbox Live gold £28.49 @ G2A
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
Seems to be the best deal going around outwith the Brazil deal. This card will extend your Xbox Live Gold subscription for 12 months. Card can be used only on United Kingdom accou… Read more
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I bought 12 months Xbox live this morning off a seller on eBay for £20. The code worked. :D :D :D I even got a months free if I selected ‘auto renew’. I thought it might be too cheap to be true but it was good. The seller only has one negative feedback too.


Your deal costs over £30 with card/paypal fees (as I mentioned May 1st).


It's £29.99, so more expensive?


I've bought loads from this site and always turn off g2a shield. All keys have worked and we're bought in good faith. Never had my account banned. I've had more issues with eBay which allows people to sell Xbox accounts but never gets bad publicity from this website.


thanks for all the comments - was going to go for this, voted hot then read the comments - will give it a miss now.

$40 (~£29) Xbox Gift Card £23 @ G2A.com
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
If you want, you can buy $40 (~£29) Xbox Gift Card for $31 (~£23). This is good offer because you can pre-order for this Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy which costs $39.99 in… Read more

@Nmrvsky are we still able to do this?


1 post from over a year ago on reddit. Link please.


Just go to the xbox one reddit sub and look up G2A, people get account ban's and you have to go to the XBOX enforcement Team and send all sorts of information to get your account back, All to save a few pounds, everyone knows the site sells loads stolen keys, So yeah use it at your own risk What I am saying is you can use official sites and still save a lot of money Also if I use G2A with the xbox I use it on a 2nd account so if I ever have any problems my main account will be ok :)


The problem with this site is people read the first couple of comments and vote cold based on what they have said, once a deal gets to -10 degrees its pretty much no going back as others automatically vote the way of the masses.


You say people? Who? Got some examples? Microsoft can hardly ban you for purchasing codes from a legit website which you will be able to prove... I have used G2A for a couple of years now and never had an issue so think a lot of this so called bad press is nonsense, it’s a marketplace just like eBay, Gumtree, Amazon, even Game have a marketplace now, Rakuten, the list goes on... this is always a risk yes when buying from marketplace sellers but people have been doing it for years

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Darkest Dungeon (PC) turn-based tactical RPG game, cheap, works on low specs, with great reviews. £6.57 G2A.com
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Turn off shield icon before buying. 2 DLCs also available on the same site. Bundle (3 separate purchases) cost 16 pounds. Personally as a fan of games like X-Com and Divinity … Read more

Picked this up from Steam for about the same price (think it was either 6.00 or 7.99?) Great game though!


I've had no problems with Kinguin and G2A, just be sensible and buy from sellers with good reputation. Although, I didn't think this site let you post G2A deals ... glad that has changed.


My G2A story. My first 4 games worked fine. Then I bought Guild Wars 2, £23 for my brothers birthday. I had also purchased insurance, for safety. The key didn't work. Went back to them and they asked me to contact the seller. After a week G2A returned my money. In euros, their own exchange rate and only able to withdraw after 30 days. The money were back in my PayPal account but because of the poor exchange rates and I guess some purchase fees I had £5 less than what I had originally paid for.


Whilst most have no problem with G2A and Kinguin, they've got a bad rep for some reason which involves stolen key's being sold. More than enough horror stories out there to prevent me using either site.


I bought a game from G2A, I was sent a key for a different game, I complained and got a full refund and a free game, I did not pay for the insurance, but I paid with PayPal for peace of mind. But the past few occasions buying from G2A have been fine...

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership - £33.54 @ G2A.com (current cheapest)
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership - £33.54 @G2A.com (current cheapest)
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I see being correct is important to you so I’ll allow you to feel correct. But tell me how do you know your helping him or her better them-self by correcting a spelling. It could of been a type a mistake and littering is not quite the same as a spelling. But I’m sure your going to correct us again. (y) 🏾


Brilliant (highfive) XD


I haven't heard enough about their ebay store to compare the legitimacy of it, it seems relatively new compared to the website with all the controversy over their knowingly selling stolen goods. It is possible they might be more legit on ebay as it's a different site and just selling a bunch of credit at a slightly cheaper price as advertisement, or they could be selling 95% legit keys and 5% stolen to turn a profit in total, i.e. the stolen codes cost them nothing to sell so laundering them all together means they still get 95% positive rating and only 1 in 20 people loose their account while they turn a profit at the expense of a small number of customers, of course ebay should do something in the event that anything happens to just one person should the product be stolen, but I don't know how well ebay would handle that scenario. Basically I wouldn't ever gamble my account or money on IF something is stolen bought from G2A


Sounds awesome :S Not good to hear!! Got ages ago The Division season pass from G2A and more recently £50 PSN credit (Both eBay). Would be annoyed if my acc got banned as I would obviously not intentionally purchase potential stolen digital items. The prices were ok but made better with eBay promotional codes


In the event that any code bought from G2A is stolen, on steam or other pc stores it will lead to the software being reclaimed at a later date where you almost definitely won't get money back from G2A, possibly through paypal. If you bought someone on a console however xbox and sony just ban whole accounts when they find out a code was bought using stolen credit cards, I wouldn't ever risk buying anything from G2A, definitely not worth loosing an account over. I am surprised so few people don't see the biggest warning sign on the site itself; they actually offer insurance at an extra cost... you know just in case that thing you buy happens to vanish from your possession in the future, you know how any other store charges for that, nope, wait, any legitimate store doesn't have to charge extra for for protection against purchases or accounts disappearing. Imagine you're buying something in the physical world, G2A is like buying something from the back of a van and after you've handed them the money the "shop" then says to you, 'oh would you like to buy insurance against theft? you know just in case that thing you just bought from me were to er vanish for whatever reason within the next few months or years of you owning it, now we can't say for sure if this will happen, but a lot of our customers complain that the things we sell for one reason or another just seem to disappear, so we've had to charge extra for insurance against that... what does the insurance do you ask.. well... er, something, we might do something if your purchase was stolen, I mean not stolen, this is all legit, I mean if it just happens to vanish, the insurance will help you... I mean we wont definitely replace the items you had stolen, I mean reclaimed, but hey it says insurance in the title so that has to be good!' that is essentially how G2A works as a website, the same applies to kinguin for sure.

12 Months Xbox Live - £30.29 G2A.com
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Cheapest I could find outside of the account specific ones.
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G2A Shield: “Hey kid. That’s a nice game key you got there. Would be a shame if something were to... happen to it.”


Madness!! (lol) Thanks for the explanation . I'll be sure to stay well clear. Glad I put the deal on before buying it (cheeky)


they actually offer insurance at an extra cost... you know just in case that thing you buy happens to vanish from your possession in the future, you know how any other store charges for that, nope, wait, any legitimate store doesn't have to charge extra for for protection against purchases or accounts disappearing. Imagine you're buying something in the physical world, G2A is like buying something from the back of a van and after you've handed them the money the "shop" then says to you, 'oh would you like to buy insurance against theft? you know just in case that thing you just bought from me were to er vanish for whatever reason within the next few months or years of you owning it, now we can't say for sure if this will happen, but a lot of our customers complain that the things we sell for one reason or another just seem to disappear, so we've had to charge extra for insurance against that... what does the insurance do you ask.. well... er, something, we might do something if your purchase was stolen, I mean not stolen, this is all legit, I mean if it just happens to vanish, the insurance will help you... I mean we wont definitely replace the items you had stolen, I mean reclaimed, but hey it says insurance in the title so that has to be good!' that is essentially how G2A works as a website, the same applies to kinguin for sure.


Cheers Buzz. (highfive)


Is it really that bad! Thanks for the heads up all (y)

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Quantum Break Steam Key GLOBAL £6.27 at G2A
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
It may be cheaper but I payed £10 and was happy with it....

I use g2a quite a lot and have had no problems as of yet?


G2a is dodgy , but I think it’s mostly newer more expensive games that can be offloaded quick (PUBG for instance) that are acquired through non legal means . Games like this are more likely someone bought lots of humble bundles a few months back and are selling the key. I have bought several older Under £10 games on g2a and never had any problems ..... as as for the developer well they have already stated they arnt making a sequel And are focusing on “games as a service now as single player games don’t make any money “ so screw them basicly good game too , I enjoyed it and the tv show definatly worth the money


G2A is essentially like the eBay of CD Keys. The average joe can go on and list a key for sale but you're only protected by G2A if you buy their protection. It's small in comparison but should be as standard really.


Most developers would probably prefer you pirate their game than buy from G2A. They knowingly enable and profit from fraudulent resellers.


Scooty unfortunately this post will get downvoted to kingdom come. G2A is not popular on this site (with good reason). Having said that I use it all the time so I will not be downvoting you. Don't be put off, and welcome to the community.

Human Fall Flat Steam Edition £4.43 - 	G2A.com
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
HFF on Steam costs roughly £11.99. I picked it up for £4.43 :)

They started allowing G2A around this time last year or maybe earlier. You missed the drama and 50 posts from one user!


Competed this at the weekend. A good little game. Co op is a laugh.


Looks a good little game this


I got 2 keys (1 for me and 1 for my boyfriend) at £4.30 each plus 52p charge for using paypal, so only £9.12 for 2 instead of £11.99 each on steam, so thank you ☺


I I thought so

The Sims 3 (Origin Code) - Was £24.99, Now £3.27 @ G2A.com
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
** To get this price, disable G2A Shield at checkout as it is not needed - payment fee for Credit card and PayPal is £0.37 ** I know this is the old version, but some prefer it … Read more

It was the Bulletstorm creators. They were doing a special edition only available at G2A, but after so many complaints about their security policy, they asked G2A to protect their customers buying from them. They didn't, the deal was pulled. TotalBiscuit really helped stoke that fire lol


Price appears to have reduced further (was £3.33, now £3.27) (y)


Or... it's people selling keys from when it was bundled... ;)


As a consumer you're not breaking the law by buying from g2a. Is it wise to do so is another question. As far as will you get your key or if not moneyback if you give to this site so far anytime using them its worked fine. One time I entered my details and their was an error and never got a code, although my bank account was never charged for the transaction. As for G2A shield please anyone who wants this key make sure you untick the box. It will or at least used start an automatic monthly charge on your creditcard. And is not a one off payment like it appears to be. As for the ethics and legality of the organisation. And whether g2a is liable or simply the middle man in unpreventable stealing and selling on of goods. Isn't really something avoiding buying a sims key will do anything about. Large lawsuits will eventually catch up to G2A eventually if they are acting against the law.


A code which can be redeemed on Origin, which is basically EA's alternative to Steam.

Sale! G2A winter sale now live
LocalLocalFound 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
G2A's winter sale is now live, they're getting in early before the steam sale starts tomorrow. There may be a deal to be found...
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I definitely don't use sites when they are like this, recently had interactions with 2 sites I found out to be questionable after purchasing there, it took days/hours getting nowhere with their customer support uploading tons of screenshots, and finally took 1 hour on a phonecall to paypal explaining what happened, at which point they recovered the money for me when the 2 website's customer services were trying to make me jump through fraudulent hoops before I would get to purchase anything.


Only had issues with non working keys once where it was slightly wrong but they helped me after about an hour (without g2a shield). Let's face it, the keys are suspect but what do you expect when the prices can be a 5th of the price elsewhere. I don't use them a lot as I prefer cdkeys but they are good for some things. I feel like the people voting cold are people who try and shame places like g2a but then use stuff like Kodi or buy from knock off dealers for other stuff.


Would rather torrent a game (which I obviously have no idea about, just something I heard) than give money to this lot!


Was sold a code bought with a stolen credit card by G2A and even with Shield they didn't lift a finger to help. If you buy the codes sold by G2A themselves you should be good, but on the marketplace there's always a risk.


other stores have been proven to be shady due to stolen and revoked keys, I've recently had customer service issues with 2 other sites which turned out to be acting fraudulently according to paypal. Haven't seen any evidence of cdkeys being illegitimate, I am fairly sure if they were people would have yelled louder in comments by now. So many grey market sellers are shady it seems like you are just tarring them with the same brush without reason, cdkeys seems to be on the up and level, possibly scdkey also - I've shopped at scdkey and hasn't gone wrong yet, though I only did it once, havent heard anything bad of them yet but I am quite skeptical of new websites now

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Steam Key GLOBAL - £26.22 @ G2A
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
We're waiting for sub £20 but might help someone.
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How many times did you use G2A and upon key not working did not get customer support when buying without G2A shield?


g2a dont dispute paypal disputes, trust me i made a dispute for £900 of cs go skins, and they didnt bat an eyelid. edit: i was only disputing 1 item for about £160, but they never replied and i got a full refund for the whole lot.


Does it cover digital goods? Some years ago I rented a server to run some games on. When it went down for three days without response from the supporting company, I tried a chargeback which ultimately Paypal refused. The said that I had been provided with the service, which isn't true because it went down about a week into a monthly rental, therefore I didn't even get the months' worth I'd paid for. Sorry for the lengthy post to a simple question, but I thought a simple example might suggest a get-out for Paypal.


I used Kinguin a lot in the past, but noticed nowadays (and maybe for some time), that unless you buy their protection you're on your own if there's a problem with the transaction. That doesn't strictly sound legal to me. If you buy from them, you enter into a contract etc etc.


"£2.68 for shield" Erm just do a paypal chargeback!

Steam Game Lottery. Get a game worth £8 or more £2.31 or 5 for £5.57 @ G2A
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
This is being held on the G2A website and its offering premium games which would be worth £8 or more for a fraction of the price at £2.31 I've had friends whove had games such as … Read more
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Mother russia bleeds is an amazing game!


Or, just buy the...games you want as they're probably very cheap to be included in this...


These are Steam keys. Why not trade amongst yourselves if you don't get what you want (but others do).


i got prey, shadow of war, elex, errm what other made up stuff is new ? it didn`t feel like a proper g2a lucky dip thread without one of these comments.


i received these for £4.96 by choosing different seller Mother Russia Bleeds: Else Heart.Break Caveblazers Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse:

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition GOG Key 54p @ G2A
Found 8th Sep 2017Found 8th Sep 2017
Witcher 2 is one of the best RPG's of recent years, and definitely worth less than a pound! It is about 6 years old now, but has an excellent story and great visuals. Key is for GO… Read more

perhaps, but when the site seemingly has no control (nor desire to control) the legitimacy of the keys sold on the site, and offers no formal buyer protection, you can get the picture.


i remember once buying xbox live codes 2 out 3 codes didint work the advised me to contact microsoft so i did they give me the date the code had been redeemed something stupid like a week before. Give the transcript to g2a which they said something like we would need to confirm with them directly something they knew they would not do because Microsoft wont discus your account with a third party nor should they, i notice there now accepting paypal on there so if any code dosent work you could ask them use info in any dispute in paypal BUT NOT WORTH YOUR TIME TO BE HONEST


Not defending anyone/thing here, just want to clear something up - G2A is not an untrustworthy site in the same way that eBay is not an untrustworthy site because G2A, like eBay, is a marketplace, with individual sellers each selling their own keys, whether they're an official reseller or are just someone who has a few spare keys from a Humble Bundle (which I sometimes use it for - and I'm trustworthy!). So the question isn't whether the site is trustworthy, it's whether the sellers are trustworthy and whether the site has a good system in place for when things go wrong. When it comes to sellers, you can see their feedback, just like eBay, so maybe you're better off paying a bit extra to buy a game from a seller with 10,000 feedback rather than buying from someone who just registered. As for when things go wrong, I've never personally had a problem with anything I bought on there but, from a seller perspective, I've found their customer service to be pretty good (and better than it used to be). They do charge you for something called 'G2A Shield' when you buy something, which is basically insurance for your purchase, so if you pay for that you'll be able to get a refund no problem. You can opt out of it to keep the price down but I'm not sure what recourse you'll have then - but if you pay with Paypal you can always file a claim with them instead. So saying things like CDKeys is better is comparing apples and oranges because CDKeys isn't a marketplace - they're responsible for their own keys, and even they have been known to sell batches of grey keys that have been revoked by the publisher. All of that said, I don't see how this can be posted as a deal on here because, as a marketplace, the prices fluctuate way too much. If there's a copy of The Witcher 2 for 54p it could be the only copy - and maybe it has gone already because right now I can see one seller selling it for 44p, one for 46p and one for 49p. When those are gone the next cheapest is 91p. So by the time you've posted it as a deal it could have expired.


Original books are fantastic


Thanks for that. I'll avoid

PS PLUS £34.87 Offically increased price to £49.99 yesterday. @ G2A
Found 1st Sep 2017Found 1st Sep 2017
Sony have increased the price of PS Plus to 49.99. Argos and game are still charging £40 but will no doubt follow suit so to be able to still get it for £34.87 is a bargain no doub… Read more
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price is £60 on this link! ;(


Where do the sellers get the stolen keys? Heard nothing good about g2a but surely at 50% to 90% chance of buying a stolen key is enough grounds to have the whole site took down.


They didn't used to be, but I think people complained about them not being allowed for some reason - perhaps they were ill-informed. So now the majority of users of HUKD are aware that any money you put into g2a has a 50-90% chance of buying a stolen key which will eventually be reclaimed meaning you no longer have access to the content, which g2a will not care about once they have your money - I have heard more stories about people who have never been refunded or even replied to using g2a than those who have regardless of whatever protection they have on their purchase. So users of HUKD will vote appropriately on anything that comes from g2a and any "deal" posted which is related to g2a will be voted very cold in the hopes that new HUKD site users or even regulars who are unaware of such a distrustful retailer don't stumble across a scam that looks like a deal and naively purchase a key that will eventually be reclaimed.


Not a clue, you'd have to ask a mod why they're allowed. A quick google of their name, and especially after the Bulletstorm incident, should give you all the information you need to know about this company and their lax approach to the re-selling of pirated keys.


if that's true, why are they allowed on here?

G2A 100 USD for Xbox - £58.02 (digital code)
Found 11th Aug 2017Found 11th Aug 2017
Great deal saving over 20 pound grab it whilst you can

No. G2A should be banned, its basically a black market site for games with stolen codes.


Don't be surprised if your account is banned for marketplace theft if you redeem this on your account. No matter how many people say "I've never had a problem", it can and does happen from time to time. No way I'd risk it.


I have been using G2A for quite some time, albeit for Steam games but can honestly say have never had an issue.


While nobody would be wrong to cast shade upon G2A, the reactions here are way over the top, there's no need to be calling for people to be banned. Do G2A sell shady grey-market cross-region games/codes? Yes. Should you feel dirty each time you buy from them? Yes. Are you shafting developers every time you use them? Yes. Do most transactions result in non-delivery of goods or other issues? No. The claim that "everyone I know who's used it has had a problem" means you either only know yourself, you and a bunch of mates all tried to buy the same thing from the same dodgy seller and got shafted (FYI this happens on any market where anyone can sell and feedback is not heeded) or you're being a bit liberal with the facts. Personally, I must have purchased 20-30 titles/codes from G2A over the years and only once had a bad code, which was replaced by the seller within hours, and that was without even paying for that g2A Shield crap.


Has any body snapped this deal up just to prove a point to this man who clearly has no clue ?

£15 xbox code for £9.92 @ G2A
Found 3rd Aug 2017Found 3rd Aug 2017
£15 xbox code for £9.92 Payment fee credit card 0.49 Paypal 0.49 Bitcoin 0.10 G2a wallet 0.00 Make sure to have g2a shield turned off as you don't need it
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seller toptrade selling at £10.83 is this same seller .


Yep all gone now I will mark the deal as expired now


Cheapest is 10.71 now plus fees?


It did...


Thanks Celtic :) no way anyone should moan about it at this price... I got £30 for £20.96 including the fees for PayPal works out at £3.49 per £5 and the cheapest a £5 code was found the other day at scdkey was £3.49 so thanks again :)

Lego Batman Trilogy Steam £3.39 @ g2a
Found 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
Looks like a good deal, sorry if G2A isn't allowed here i know some people think they're fishy? I personally have never had problems and figured i would share in case anyone else w… Read more

Youve missed the point. You get 3 lego batman games for under £4. This site is hotukdeals not morals r us. Used G2A plenty and never required a chargeback. Also this deal is a part of a Paypal deal so i dont think they would be on board if it was as dodgey as you suggest. Have a nice day.


You've completely missed my point. There's nothing wrong in pinciple with third party resellers - the significant damage comes from costs associated with chargebacks from stolen keys. Again, please read the linked articles.


That's fair enough like I said I personally will never use them but that's just me :) if you want to use them, that's cool but me personally no thank you.


You cause more damage giving keys away by taking away the sales in the first place. How do i know you arent giving away stolen keys? You clearly dont care about the industry to be taking away money from them for self gain. On your logic no 3rd party deal should be shared. No more bundlestars, cdkeys, cex, indiegala, greenmangaming, no more 3rd party sellers at all. You are single handedly causing more damage than my purchase of 1 lego bundle from g2a. We should only buy at launch from authorised retailers provided by the publishers for them to fully benefit from a purchase. Anything else cuts profit from the sale and you giving them away cuts 100% of that.


As I said, by all means. The information in the links that I posted above explains why G2A shouldn't be supported if you care about the games industry.

The Assembly VR 50% off the cost on Steam! £10 @ G2A
Found 22nd Jul 2017Found 22nd Jul 2017
The Assembly code from G2A. Steam sells for £20 For some reason the link will not work. The only way to get it to work is copy and paste this: https://www.g2a.com/the-assembly-st… Read more

Expired, now £22 and when you factor in the hidden charges etc they throw in on checkout it is more than that.


You should! It's a very good game. I would buy this if I didn't already have it :P]


Tempted :)


Doesn't work for me either.


Working OK here. I've tried various browsers too and it goes to the deal fine for me. Anyone else having issues you can C&P this link https://www.g2a.com/the-assembly-steam-key-global-i10000021176002

12,000 fifa 17 points xbox one £55 @ G2A
Found 8th Jul 2017Found 8th Jul 2017
normally £79.99 from the xbox store, this can be used in fifa 17 then whenever fifa 18 is released you have the opportunity to transfer any remaining points over. if anyone has any… Read more
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Errrr, Yes!


Only thing Fifa fans need to post is the comparison of the sales difference between Fifa and Pes. I'm surprised Pes franchise hasn't been cancelled yet.


Doesn't stop you buying them every year though does it?


This is a deal - don't know why people have voted cold just because they dislike the franchise or even the conecpt of the Fifa points in-game purchases.


I agree on the points front but what I don't agree with is: that on every FIFA post there is always a PES fan that says something... Not so much the other way round - kinda tells you that one side doesn't feel they have anything to prove lol.