Gaggia Baby Class 1/2 price @ woolworths Liverpool
Gaggia Baby Class 1/2 price @ woolworths Liverpool

Gaggia Baby Class 1/2 price @ woolworths Liverpool

Buy forBuy forBuy for£120
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This is a great deal, and something to remember woolies by !

Gaggia is the best known Italian manufacturer of coffee machines for professional and household use and its name is synonymous with tradition and reliability the world over. The company was set up in 1947 by Achille Gaggia, the man to whom we are indebted for the success of espresso coffee all over the world. It was he who on September 5th 1938 filed a patent no 365726 with which modern steam-free coffee machines may be said to have been born. In 1977 Gaggia began producing coffee machines for the home, launching the Baby Gaggia, which to this day is considered to be the ideal family coffee maker. The designs and technological advances have changed the way the machines look and work but the objective of quality, reliability and the passion for the right espresso everytime has remained throughout Gaggia's history and this is what makes Gaggia legendary.


Oh wow, how depressed am I! That is the EXACT machine I have been after for AGES but our Woolworth's carries nothing like that! That machine at that price would be a dream come true! DAMN!!!!

Super price....
anyone near this shop fancy buying them and posting it on? (worth a try)

The Norwich store also has about 20 of these at 1/2 price

i'd jump at buying one if i was close enough... the woolworths in Glasgow just had 'tat' left!!
I don't know anyone that i could ask to pick one up either!!!

Somebody post one on, that would be a lot to ask somebody to do but it would make my year!


mine is also full of rubbish now, mind u dvd box sets sem to be coming out of the woodwork, spotted sex in the city for £30, got 7 days left of my store so will keep poppin in and looking


They have been in Norwich at this price since Sat' they don't appear to have sold one

What's "woolworths"?

I called the Norwich branch. They do still have some machines at £120. Not only the Gaggia Baby Classic, but also the Baby Twin, which is the one I would have. They wont post them. I am just heartbroken. Been out of work for a few months myself, could get one at this price but not full price, to those of you who can obtain one, lucky you! The stores that appear to have them are the BIG Woolworths "superstores" that used to be branded "Big W" some years back. I called the Bristol branch, they have sold out.

Good Price but i'd double check (if and only if whittards are in your area) Whittards as they had some reduced to around £75.

Think i'll phone around tomorrow and see if there's any in and around Glasgow -

Savaloy Sausage - if i find a store with stock, i'll buy 2 and then we'll make arrangements to have it sent on... if that's ok with you?

If you can get me a baby twin, or failing that a baby classic, it would be MORE than ok..... I know I am a total stranger but I swear you wont be stuck with the machine, I will pay up as quick as a flash! LOL God...do dreams come true..? LOL, I am such a coffee bore!

I'll try some stores tomorrow and let you know
here's hoping.... i'm at work but will try to find out where does have stock. I take it when you phoned earlier they were'nt able to tell you if anywhere else had any in store?

i've sent you a prvate message with my email address savaloy

I just called the Norwich store again and spoke to the manager, nice chap. He says they only have one model, the Baby Class. That sounds odd as the girl I spoke to earlier said they also had the Baby Twin and that is a model in the range, not just a slip of the tongue. Anyway, he said they have about 20, but he has no way of shipping them. I spoke to the Bristol store earlier and they have none left. The only store that carry them I THINK are the big stores (ex-Big W). The only list I could find of them is OLD as the Woolworths site is dead.

 Redruth, Cornwall
 Filton, Bristol
 Tamworth, Staffordshire
 Walsgrave, Coventry
 Small Heath, Birmingham
 Bradford, West Yorkshire
 Bolton, Greater Manchester
 Catcliffe, Rotherham
 Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire
 Norwich, Norfolk
 Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland
 Edinburgh
 Gallowgate, Glasgow
 Belfast

The Coventry store closed ages ago I think, I tried calling them but found an article about it closing on the Coventry local press website thingy. Good luck and THANKS MILLIONS!

Hi again
I've phoned Glasgow branches, Stirling and Edinburgh... with no luck!!

Staff have suggested that the warehouse being in England and not wanting to pay drivers to take deliveries to Scotland, the stock all went locally to locations surrounding the main depot!!

I'm gutted

hi fantastic deal was in Byker last night and they had 13 in stock!! Went back this morning to buy one only to find one person had been in and bought the lot.. Absolutely gutted. If anyone finds any stock anywhere in North East could they PLEASE let me know. Busy ringing all shops i can think of but no luck.

I have tried desperately to locate them, but no luck...

... i'm sure the people buying them in bulk will be putting them on ebay so possibly still a bit of a bargain on there?

I refuse to do that and make them a nice little profit. I have a friend in motorsport, he can import one for me maybe, lol.

I bought one from a guy that got a lot from woolworths, he was based in Glasgow and had them advertised on ebay... i paid £160 which isn't too much of a rip off.

A great machine and i'm happy with it.... he's still got a few if you're still looking for one!
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