Gaggia Classic Manual Espresso RI8161/40 at Philips £157.50 Delivered

Gaggia Classic Manual Espresso RI8161/40 at Philips £157.50 Delivered

Found 23rd Nov 2012
Gaggia Classic manual machine comes with coffee filters for 1 & 2 cups of ground coffee, and a special filter for ESE (easy serve espresso) pods
Professional chromed brass filter holder and ring, as used in Gaggia’s commercial machines, ensure a consistent temperature throughout the coffee making and dispensing process
Panarello steamer attachment rotates for easy access to froth milk in seconds. Also delivers hot water for tea and other hot drinks
Gaggia’s solenoid valve delivers a widespread shower through the coffee, eliminating hotspots which can burn the coffee, precise pressurisation ensures no drips & leaves drier coffee grounds after brewing
Gaggia Classic is a 1300W powerful coffee machine with 15 water pump pressure bars, removable water tank and stainless steel body.

Sub-total incl. VAT £225.00
Use discount code: NJ30
UK PUB 30% off non discounted items -£67.50
Free Shipping -£3.99
Free Shipment £0.00
Total £157.50 Including VAT 20%

currently 50% sale so it's £125
- guniosek
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zt l McKay
For £32.50 less I would go for the Gaggia Baby in black. Exactly the same internal machine except for the stainless steel body. £124.99 from amazon, I've just received mine 2 days ago…1-1
Thank you, I've ordered one.
It's good.
Can't understand why this isn't getting hotter - a genuine classic at a rock bottom price... even if it's a Philips now.
its been cheaper in the past, but this is still a very good price - for what is a very good home espresso machine.

It'll last for years if you look after it.

You'll be pulling doubles before you know it !
I've just paid £125, fingers crossed
Yes, this is now £125 as clearance sale is ongoing
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