Gaggia Classic - Manufacturer refurbished £133.98 (plus other cheaper models) @ Netelectrics / Ebay

Gaggia Classic - Manufacturer refurbished £133.98 (plus other cheaper models) @ Netelectrics / Ebay

£133.98eBay Deals
Found 26th Apr 2012
eBay daily deals shows a refurbished Gaggia Cubika at £69 plus postage, but follow the link and they've got quite a few from the Gaggia range at good prices inc this one (in my mind the better deal).

I've had a Gaggia Classic for about 5 years and it's been an excellent machine. Espresso machines can have quite a hard life (esp with me!), but it's still in great condition and it's cheap and easy to buy spares for them when needed.

Other machines from the same supplier listed in first post
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Why is this not hot? Isn't £134 a great price for a refurb Gagia Classic, which is a really good espresso machine.
Hardly that great a deal IMHO when you can buy a new one for £176 from Amazon with full warranty

This so called 'manufacturer' refurbished one is 90 days - which is Netelectrics own, NOT Philips - hardly instills confidence.
Most manufacturer refurbed stuff has full warranty, or at least 6 months.
great cofefe maker, but, yes, when you pay that money you rather pay a bit more to make sure nothing is wrong. I got mine from Amazon about a year ago and now I can't survive without it!!!
They're quite simple machines and very well made. I bought mine as an ex demo model and it's been used at least 2-3 times per day (sometimes far more) for over five years with only standard consumables needing to be replaced (a couple of replacement shower screens and recently a new grouphead seal).

As it's an entry level 'proper' espresso machine (ie metal construction, solenoid valve, serviceable/upgradeable) it's a very popular machine amongst coffee afficionadoes. I'd say it was very unlikely you'd get problems with it, and if you were unlucky enough to then spare parts are cheap and easy to get hold of along with there being tonnes of how to guides and videos for servicing and upgrading this machine. E.g. even if the water pump went (unlikely) you can buy a new one for £25 and they're easy to fit.

If there was anything seriously wrong with it then that should emerge within the first three months anyway.
Bargain! Great machine at a great price. Not too much to go wrong that can't be easily fixed and if it's refurb the boiler, steam valve, gaskets, thermostats should all be OK. Most replacement parts are available on eBay anyway.
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