Gaggia Evolution / Cubika Coffee machines with 120 coffee pods £99 (Re-conditioned units) (Evolution is £165 new with 0 pods)

Gaggia Evolution / Cubika Coffee machines with 120 coffee pods £99 (Re-conditioned units) (Evolution is £165 new with 0 pods)

Found 2nd Feb 2009
Features of EVOLUTION :

Plastic Body,Traditional Frother,Removable Water Tank,Heavy Brass Filter Holder,1400 Watt Power, Pump Operated,Pump pressure 15 bar,Cup Warmer. Can be used ground coffee or coffee pods.

Cubika Features :
Traditional Frother,Side Filling removable Water Tank,Aluminium Alloy Filter Holder,700 Watt Power,15 bar Pump,Large Cup Warmer,Brushed Stainless Steel Body

Can't get a direct link to the offer - from homepage go to reconditioned units and on the left hand side about 1/2 way down in RED is "ALSO CHECK OUT" - click that to see the special offers currently - £99 for either of the above machines with 120 coffee pods (these seem to be about £5+ per pack of 20 on the interweb)

Also come fully guaranteed for 24months as per brand new ones (Evolution is £165 on their website) so no real difference, from what I have read in reviews elsewhere it seems their returns policy is very good if there ever was a problem as well. Appreciate there are cheaper machines out there - I recently bought the one on offer from Aldi for £34 - ended up taking it back after 4 weeks when the seals broke on it - the Evolution has some very good reviews - the Cubika some not so great ones on Amazon so might be worth looking into yourself before deciding what you want but personally can't wait to get hold of a decent machine and make me some proper coffee

Also by going for the special offer it seems thats the way to get the 24month warranty - otherwise recon units only get 12mnths.... Delivery to where I am in the UK has cost £5 - can't say for sure if its the same everywhere in the UK (would imagine so?)


A very good deal for excellent machines.

I purchased the cheapy espresso machine from Lidl about six months ago and must say that it really is excellent. Beautiful crema and it doesn't scald the coffee.

Seems a good deal to me, even if it is a recon, as Gaggia must be one of the best coffee machines in the world.
I'm tempted by this 89 quid jobby...... dont know if it'll link but here goes...…htm

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Careful with the Cubika - check it out on Amazon first as the erviews were not all great - although granted most of the issue's were with the on/off button and would be covered by the warranty its still a hassle sending it back and forth and being a coffee fiend I hate not having my machine to hand - hence I have gone for the Evolution.... 2/3 week now - if anyone wants me to let them know what its like by all means drop my a PM and I will answer soon as it lands and I plug it in !!!

I got the Cubika from the Gaggia website over a year ago, it was a very similar offer as this one. I had to have 4 of them before it worked properly, but after that I have had no problems

Both good Machines but better of with the Classic. Though all make great coffee. I've got a Classic and A Pure at home. Allways need a spare when one needs serviced
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