Gaiam Yoga - Conditioning For Weight Loss (DVD) £104.96 Delivered

Gaiam Yoga - Conditioning For Weight Loss (DVD) £104.96 Delivered

Found 1st Oct 2007
Bargain, Much Cheapness - Order now to avoid disappointment

Gaiam Yoga - Conditioning For Weight Loss (DVD)
Yoga has many therapeutic benefits including the power to help you naturally lose weight and keep it off.

Designed by renowned yoga instructor Suzanne Deason, Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss is a unique programme that accommodates all levels of fitness from sedentary to physically active by simultaneously demonstrating four levels of modication. As your energy and stamina increase, you progress to the next workout level. While successful dieting can result in short-term weight loss, healthful, long-term weight loss comes with balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Great for all ages and levels of fitness!

Bonus Material:

Select from four levels of programme to suit your ability

Help video on using DVD

Extra "Yoga Studio" instruction


oh dear...

Original Poster

You can't put a price on your health!!!

You can put a price on a DVD though and that is £90 too dear for me.
Sub Zero.

this is a joke that is not funny

actually it is funny...:thumbsup:

buy this dvd and loose some weight..........from your wallet.

Top deal Rufus :w00t:
uwish.... they do indeed!

"Order now to avoid disappointment" no thanks!!

Thats a cracking price, voted hot!!

Paid £200 for this last year........


Thats a cracking price, voted hot!!Paid £200 for this last year........

Yer but everyone knows you Manx folk got 3 legs - you must need some special kind of yoga....

site down - gone out of business?
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