Gainward & Gigabye 512mb nvidia 8800GT's in stock!
Gainward & Gigabye 512mb nvidia 8800GT's in stock!

Gainward & Gigabye 512mb nvidia 8800GT's in stock!

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Couple of 8800GT's for sale on OCUK. Been struggling myself to find one of these. May not be the best of prices but have looked long and hard for a long time for one of these!

Hope this helps someone. Also, OCUK forum state that they have quite a lot of the other models coming in stock over the next few weeks.


yeah buts its overclockers......i wont go back there anymore 3 orders, 3 disapointments. with reagrds to 8800gt`s id wait for a bit for a better deal theres new cards out in january so these will come down, right now the word is these are being priced highly for summit.

Not hot, too pricey!


not voted cold as it's good to actually see some in stock, but it looks like they're exploiting the lack of supply by overcharging..

have also heard too many horror stories about overclockers, particularly rma and support requests..

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I've ordered quite a lot off of Overclockers and never really had a problem.

After googling them and reading some of the horror stories, I guess it is quite concerning! One thing I will say is I don't think they package their HDD's very well.

I think it's a good sign that they're coming in stock at least. It means that other places will soon have stock too.


ordered loads of stuff never with any problems

Nice to see 8800GTs in stock...but the price - might be best to wait a bit

They are way overpriced at OcUK anyway - they used to be good years ago (I think) but their RMA support and customer service is terrible. Had to wait 8 months to get something sorted out regarding a motherboard I know longer wanted (returned within 7 days of delivery) and still haven't refunded me. They re-sent it out months later (ignored my letters) and then re-charged me again at B-stock price. Avoid. No other e-talior I've used is this bad. They only want your money...if things go wrong be prepared. Also had to RMA a GFX cards with them - DOA (and it had already been opened inside).

There will be a much more ready supply of 8800GT's next week, all the Nvidia brands started mass producing their own 8800GT's at the start of this week, so they should all be in the channel early next week.

Im not suprised they're overrpriced at OC. Have you seen how much they're asking for a Wii?! I realise increased price with demand but thats taking the ****.

Zotac 8800GT for £161 inc delivery.

get it before it runs dry



Zotac 8800GT for £161 inc delivery.get it before it runs dry … Zotac 8800GT for £161 inc delivery.get it before it runs dry :)http://www.ebuyer.com/product/134731

Zotac said to be a decent card.

Mmm, my 7900GTO is fetching around £75 on TheBay. :whistling:


ocuk seem to have a lot of GT's in stock and the new GTS too with lower pricing.
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