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Epiphone G-400 PRO in Cherry £285 + Free Next Day Delivery @ GAK
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Great budget SG option. I'm a bit of a convert on the ol' SG. I've never been a fan of the shape, but loved the sound. Although I've started my own custom build, which isn't far of… Read more

Left handed tax? I've never heard of this?


To quote Jane Austen.........'Rock and roll ain't noise pollution Mr Darcy'


Yup, bought a Marshall from them about 15 years ago! :{


You can sometimes get away with turning an axe on its head if you’re a leftie...unfortunately, my preferred weapon of choice is a Telecaster, which definitely can’t be switched upside-down!!


That's a shame. I do look for LH deals as well, but they are harder to come by. Yet to see one that smashes the RH equivalent out of the water though. Not that you'd buy left handed because it was such a good price, if you're a right handed player. :D

Epiphone G-400 PRO Guitar, Cherry - £299 delivered @ GAK
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Great price for this guitar, I was looking for one and this is lower that I actually paid. Had to be Cherry like Angus would want!!

Epiphone. PAH!

miffyl Same price there if you prefer PMT (shock)


Or the phone choice for those with food allergies


And there was me thinking Epiphone was an angry telecommunications device.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Mark IV £599 @ GAK
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Posted 29th JanPosted 29th Jan
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Mark IV £599 @ GAK
Great deal. Should arrive tomorrow. Will come back and post if i remember once ive triede and tested it.

Stereo ?


Great amp. Already have one. Maybe I should get a spare. ;-)


Solid post, bought on for the Rhodes.


Very nice spot!


Fantastic price

PRS SE Zack Myers Stealth LTD Guitar £599 @ GAK [Free Next Day Del]
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
PRS SE Zack Myers Stealth LTD Guitar £599 @ GAK [Free Next Day Del]
Love the look of this PRS model, the price looks to the best around, with the next as part of a Jan Sale at £649 - After that you're looking at over £700. It's not typically the ty… Read more

Agree, can't really put my finger on why. I have a Tremonti SE that looks better finished. Not saying this is bad, I love PRS myself and it could just be bad photos, but £600 can get you a whole lot of guitar that doesn't look so basic.


Totally agree, and the F-hole looks like it's been carved with a boy scout penknife!


No, I agree. The single F-hole just looks wrong, and poorly executed.


I can't stand inlays, but it's hard to find a great guitar without any inlays at all. I do love the look of this guitar though, and bird inlays are far superior to dots.


Love PRS guitars, but this looks a little tacky or cheap or something. Or maybe I just lack taste?

Fender Player Stratocaster Polar White Maple Neck - £469 @ Gak
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Posted 17th Nov 2018Posted 17th Nov 2018
Fender Player Stratocaster Polar White Maple Neck - £469 @ Gak
Fender Player Stratocaster Polar White Maple Neck also available at this price at in different colours and different websites GuitarGuitar… Read more
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(embarrassed) (lol) (lol)


Seeing this deal has brought back bad memories for me. The other week a guy chased me down the street saying that he was going to hit me with the neck of his guitar. I said ‘Is that some kind of fret’?


Yes, spent thousands there, always found them to be great. I also use PMT, BAX and Andertons


I have. Returned my guitar from them because it came with the tuning peg lifted from the headstock but that was probs because it was a squire (embarrassed) . So i got an ibanez from them and its pretty good


Anybody dealt with this company before? I ask because they have some good prices on Les Pauls.

Ibanez Limited Edition Artist AR720FM-BSQ guitar £439 at Gak
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Posted 6th Nov 2018Posted 6th Nov 2018
Ibanez Limited Edition Artist AR720FM-BSQ guitar £439 at Gak
This used to be around 700 to 750 the whole year. I think is a good deal. It has the same pickups as the Japanese model which is way more expensive.

GAK have also got an Ibanez ASV93 TDL Tri Fade Burst reduced from £499 to £325, this seems to be over £500 everywhere else. I am seriously tempted to buy one of them, although don't really need either of them.....! (excited)


Yes mine has the Wilkinson pickups. I've just had a look at the Thomann site and you're right they're now being advertised with Roswell pickups. I don't know much about pickups, so have no idea how Roswell compares with Wilkinson


Thanks for the heads up. I had a look at the Harley Benton range on Thoman and there's some nice looking models on there. Did your SC-550 come with Wilkinson pickups? From what I've read, they've switched to a different pickup brand recently (can't recall the name) that reviews suggest aren't as good. The SC-550 does look amazing for the price, but not sure about the pickups now (skeptical)


Back in stock at £449.


If anyone's looking for an amazing value Les Paul copy try Harley Benton (sold by Thomann in Germany). I bought the SC-550 faded tobacco second-hand and it is a stunning guitar - nice action, beautiful to play, excellent build quality and pickups. Only about £230 new as well. A few reviews on Youtube also.

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Gibson USA 2013 SG Future Tribute, Heritage Cherry at Gak for £399
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Down from £699, it's a Gibson and for £400 that's quite a bit of guitar J
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Late to the party, but guessing this is no longer stocked if the link doesn't work?


Amazingly cheap for a USA Gibson, it looks like the '57 Classic pickups alone retail at £80 each. Good find!


I gave in and bought one. GAK are now including a free pack of Elixir strings to boot. I play mostly rock and blues and this thing really surprised me. It's just perfect for both. The neck is a joy to use. I usually like thick necks and this is kinda in between. Fills your hand and it tends to make me play more accurately when playing lead - no doubt because it is asymmetric. The pickups are a great match for the body and tone woods. Thick smoldering tones with nice articulation when playing lightly and a fat punch when you dig in. I also noticed how the whole guitar resonates when playing. You can really feel the head stock vibrating when tuning which is a good sign. The tuners are really accurate and feel stable. A very expressive instrument. I know a good guitar when I play one for the simple reason that I can't put it down once I start playing. I have been playing for 24 years and I own 14 electrics ranging from Custom shop Gibson Les Paul's to vintage strats and in my opinion this is a GREAT player. Sometimes the tone from a Les Paul is just too much and the tone from a Strat is just too little and too familiar.. and that's when something like this just fits the bill. If I had to sum up the tone in one word it would be 'smoldering'


I would put just one normal tuning peg on it .


Never played a Gibson SG, but the other half said no more guitars....

Alesis Elevate 3 Powered Desktop Studio Monitors/Speakers £58 @ GAK
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Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
Alesis Elevate 3 Powered Desktop Studio Monitors/Speakers £58 @ GAK
GAK already had the cheapest price on these great little studio monitors but then dropped them another £5! This is probably due to getting rid of stock of the MK1 models which are … Read more
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I am really tempted by this... shame I just don't have the desk space for it =( Edit: Nevermind... the deal is over. They're OOS now


Cheers op! Back in stock! Ordered and are on the way. Thanks 👌


@dioxyde0 These speakers are low end studio/monitoring speakers which produce a fairly neutral sound (no boosted bass/treble). Basically these are meant for music production or as i currently am DJing. These would probably be great for gaming, i have another set of monitors i personally use for gaming as well as listening to music, music production, video editing and watching movies. Those speakers perform better than all cheap PC speakers across the board. Also they have a sub out socket should you feel you need to add a sub at a later date. Hope that helps!


guys would these be okay to use for gaming without a sub? seems like good quality for price


Found this deal is on Amazon at the same price. Through Prime and 2-4 week waiting. Alternative sellers tab (y)

Laney Limited Edition LX120RH Head and LX412 Cab (Red) £349.00 with free delivery @ GAK
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Posted 1st Nov 2017Posted 1st Nov 2017
Laney Limited Edition LX120RH Head and LX412 Cab (Red) £349.00 with free delivery @ GAK
Mega deal from GAK. Free delivery and gift with the order as well. LX120RH HEAD SPEC: CABINET DESIGN: BLACK METAL CORNERS, FRONT FRET AND RUBBER FEET CHANNELS: 2, CLEAN AND DISTOR… Read more
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Great thankyou I'll take a look at those, do synthesizers have internal memory to save tunes that he'd create, and can any play drums to mix with?


I’d go for an Arturia Minibrute or Microbrute, Korg Microkorg or Monologue. For something to just get a taster at £100 each, the Korg Volca series is a good start which he can expand upon as & when!


Any recommendations for a first synthesizer for a 13yr old, he currently plays a bit of electric guitar.


Yamaha FS800 solid spruce top guitar £255 delivered at
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Posted 23rd Jul 2017Posted 23rd Jul 2017
Yamaha FS800 solid spruce top guitar £255 delivered at
Solid spruce top guitar with Nato laminate back and sides. "Folk symphony" body style which is a bit smaller than the usual dreadnought body shape which makes it easier to play sit… Read more
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Based in Holland (where they have a decent enough rep) all items are shipped from Holland. Personally I'd rather buy a guitar locally so I can check it over but hey ho, they are trying to compete with Thomann Do check out their reviews on their Facebook page, they do reasonably well on places like TrustedPilot but a good number of horror stories and 1 star reviews out there. Their reputation in Holland is superior to their UK enterprise. The Bax brother also appear to treat their staff poorly.


Voting system (or members) gone mad...


This is not a deal?


@barneyonion got a guild m120. It's a remake of Nick Drakes guitar. It's lovely for fingerpicking.


It doesn't show Bax for me possibly because they are not UK based but it shows multiple other stores at the same price - Google

Direct Drive Turntable Numark TT250USB £119 at GAK
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Posted 21st Feb 2017Posted 21st Feb 2017
Direct Drive Turntable Numark TT250USB £119 at GAK
I never heard about this store before but I believe it has good reputation among audiophiles. The price is £199 at Amazon, Maplins or any other store so it seems like a good deal… Read more

Back to £199.99 and OOS. Expire this deal.


good price but it says out of stock


Thank you. I hope it works well and it comes with a cartridge so I don't need to buy something like the Ortofon OM 10 cartridge (£38). But even if I have to.. it still would be £40 than buying it at amazon and I would have a better cartridge. :-) Now I'm just crossing my fingers expecting it arrives in good condition and working perfectly. I will report tomorrow if everything went fine


Not a bad entry level turntable to be fair. Heat


Like TheMev said ;)

Shure SM58 Digital Wireless Vocal System £366 at Gak
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Posted 6th Jan 2017Posted 6th Jan 2017
Shure SM58 Digital Wireless Vocal System £366 at Gak
Not for everyone, but great price for this Mic if you like Shure. Also claim a free additional rechargeable battery from Shure themselves. if you cl… Read more
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picked one up, delivery fast, well packed.. mounting points on the rack mount plate are not the same as the old Shure wireless receiver which makes no sense as the same size receiver!! I will be getting my drills out.


PMT pricematch? Or DigitalVillage?


​looks like they offer finance ;)


Not everyones deal but an excellent deal for those that need it heat added.


really want this, really cant afford it

Digitech HardWire HT-6 Polyphonic Guitar Tuner £30 at Amazon
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Posted 25th Oct 2015Posted 25th Oct 2015
Digitech HardWire HT-6 Polyphonic Guitar Tuner £30 at Amazon
I was looking for a new guitar tuner and stumbled across this deal at Amazon. This is easily £20 cheaper than the RRP's on the likes of the BOSS TU-3 and TC Electronic Polytune, i… Read more
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Yes it can.


does anyone know if this can tune with a capo on?


Now £30 on Amazon!


Now £32 on Amazon!

Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Bucket Brigade Analogue Delay Guitar Pedal £49.00 (Free Shipping) @ GAK
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Posted 16th Aug 2015Posted 16th Aug 2015
Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Bucket Brigade Analogue Delay Guitar Pedal £49.00 (Free Shipping) @ GAK
Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Bucket Brigade Analogue Delay Pedal A multi-function analog delay effect powered by BBD chips. In order to get that classic analog delay sound, we sel… Read more
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I have one of these on me board. Long / Short switch and the feedback and modulation dials make for some crazy sweeping noise stuff. Don't use delay, do make dumb noises. This is perfect.

Digitech XDV DigiVerb - £39 + P&P - RRP: £95 @ GAK
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Posted 29th Apr 2015Posted 29th Apr 2015
Digitech XDV DigiVerb - £39 + P&P - RRP: £95 @ GAK
Great pedal for a belter of a price. I bought 5 years ago their Digital Delay pedal and that's on offer too.

Digitech XDV DigiVerb - £39[image missing] Digitech XDD DigiDelay - £39[image missing] They also have a number of other digitech pedals on offer too. Here's the complete list.

DJ Beginners! Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 DJ Controller with FREE Numark HF125 Professional DJ Headphones (normally £14.99) for £136.95 with free delivery @
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Posted 5th Feb 2015Posted 5th Feb 2015
DJ Beginners! Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 DJ Controller with FREE Numark HF125 Professional DJ Headphones (normally £14.99) for £136.95 with free delivery @
Introducing the MixTrack Pro 2, one of Numarks most popular DJ Controllers.Whether you're DJing in your bedroom or in a club at a professional level, the MixTrack Pro 2 will cater … Read more
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Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2 £49.98
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Posted 27th Jan 2015Posted 27th Jan 2015
Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2 £49.98
Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2 Dynamic Effects Processor reduced from £119. These are great portable effects processors for musicians and DJs. They used to be a bit pricey for what they do… Read more

I have one and unless you are into that sort of thing you will struggle to use. good to add to an instrument for extra effect. the kaossalitor is better.


ordered mine!.. good fun to be had on the cheap :-)


For the money its a no brainer. It can be used with a guitar but that does require a bit of messing around with cables, cos its a different fitting than a standard amp lead. its the smaller headphone lead. Its basically an effects box that you swipe to alter the parameters, although the effects are largely geared to dj and producing. It does have some loop settings but they are very limited and if looping was your thing I wouldn't get this. when they came out they were nearer £150. This is reduced because a new model came out with sampling capabilities.


Didn't these used to be quite expensive? The Muse frontman has one installed in his guitar if I recall correctly...



Rotosound 9's Guitar Strings Twin pack £2.99 + £1.49 postage @
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Posted 27th Dec 2014Posted 27th Dec 2014
Rotosound 9's Guitar Strings Twin pack £2.99 + £1.49 postage @
Great deal if you want to stock up and you use 9's on your guitars. I bought 3 packs, so 6 packs of strings for about a tenner delivered.
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Expired! Damn you guitar gods!!!


Thanks snoopy, mine turned up. No problem.


Looks like they have honored it. Had dispatch confirmation for my 3 packs this morning (I ordered shortly after this deal was posted) I've recently been using roto yellows but these will be fine I'm sure. Excellent find op


Yep the quality seemed fine. Worst case if you don't like them you can probably flog them on eBay for more than this!


Got ya. I usually go for d'addario balanced sets, I have a lot of guitars though and find these fine for the few I keep standard 'E' tuning.

zoom G2Nu multi effects pedal, £59 from GAK
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Posted 16th Dec 2014Posted 16th Dec 2014
zoom G2Nu multi effects pedal, £59 from GAK
all singing, all dancing guitar noise maker. its £100 everywhere else I've seen Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

i had one of these back in the band days. really good little item


Looks awesome. I want it!

Jackson JS23 Dinky Electric Guitar £109 @ gak
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Posted 25th Oct 2014Posted 25th Oct 2014
Jackson JS23 Dinky Electric Guitar £109 @ gak
Was £214 - now less than half price! Nice looking guitar for the money and a very reputable make. If I had room in my house I'd get one!!
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These are all gone now :/ That finish is sublime...


They're now down to £99, even more of a bargain....almost tempted to buy a spare, but all the Natural finish ones have gone.


Arrived a few days ago, really pleased with it. Can alter the tuning without affecting the bridge, which is what I wanted. Thanks for the help


Thanks. In that case i'll give it a go.


If you have all the tremolo springs in place (or extra stiff ones) it should hold in place fine if you change tunings. Looks like a steal for the money.