Galactic Civilizations 2 PC Game for 4.99 (or 3 for 10) @ Game

Galactic Civilizations 2 PC Game for 4.99 (or 3 for 10) @ Game

Found 12th Apr 2007
Game have added Galactic Civs into their 3 for 10 multibuys (online only) - a great deal if you like turn based strategies. As far as I know all other places selling this have it priced much higher (around £25-30). Here's something about the game (It's basically Civilization in a sci-fi setting.) :

In the year 2225, mankind’s thirst for domination has spread to the stars, where the battle for conquest rages on. Humans struggle for supremacy over the other Galactic powers, who have their own plans for the cosmos. Among these is the dreaded Drengin Empire, who will stop at nothing to wipe out humanity and its allies, though even they cannot imagine the horrors that exist in the furthest reaches of space… In Galactic Civilizations 2, you will use technology, diplomacy, colonization and war as your tools to build a far-reaching interstellar empire. You alone have the power to choose the path your people will take to ultimately become the rulers of the universe.


Good deal this, better than most games I see posted here.

I've not played it myself but I've heard very good things about this!…0II

9/10 from Gamespot - " Galactic Civilizations II is a strategy gamer's dream, boasting a rare mix of depth, customizability, humor, and replayability."

Buy buy buy

Great game, great price, what else you want?
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thanks! I've been reading the site for a few weeks now and was glad to have something to contribute.

This is AWESOME.

One of the best 4X games going in the current generation and a really good price.

This is an exceptional deal. I bought it for £18 upon release and have got an astounding amount of enjoyment out of it. Incredible after-sales support as well.

Great deal!

[COLOR=red]Nice one.[/COLOR]
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