Galaxy Nexus Pre-order O2 200min UnLimtxt  £15.50-£10.50m 24m Total £342 @affordablemobiles

Galaxy Nexus Pre-order O2 200min UnLimtxt £15.50-£10.50m 24m Total £342 @affordablemobiles

Found 1st Dec 2011
contract is O2 100min 500txt 1GB Data @ £25.50x24m Upfront =£89.99 Quidco is £50 that cover phone cost. -£30
Remove 1GB Bolton from first day making £15.50 for 1st 12month =£186
then downgrade contract to £10.50 next 12month = £126


I forgot about 120days terms so +£40 = £382
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The question is when are Affordable Mobiles getting stock? It's still showing as a pre order.

Strangely, the phone shows up at £89.99 when going through your link but shows up as £114.99 when you navigate the site normally. Why is that? The exact same happens on the other Galaxy Nexus deal on HUKD which had a handset price of £149.99 through the link but was £199.99 through the site normally.

How are you guys finding these deals through Affordable Mobiles that are cheaper than navigating through the site normally?
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i think al need to phone o2 and see if i can talk to them about a contract .... there deals seem too good !
On the phone to this lot to cancel my Galaxy S2 order, waited over a week then get a generic email to say they dont know when they will get stock! Plus they've already taken payment. Avoiding...
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