Galaxy Note 4, 569.99, direct from Samsung, unlocked

Galaxy Note 4, 569.99, direct from Samsung, unlocked

Found 14th Dec 2014
I wanted to buy a SIM free Note 4 that was unlocked, so I could get a Three pay monthly SIM. I thought I would see whether it is possible to buy direct from Samsung (unlocked, not branded by network) and found going price of 599.99. I then decided to go though Quidco/Topcashback so closed the page so I could start again being tracked from Quidco/Topcashback. Upon closing the tab, a Samsung pop up window came up saying I could have a 5% discount if I came back and ordered. So I choose that option and got the phone for 569.99 plus some tracked discount with Quidco/Topcashback.

For what I was looking for, I thought this was a good deal. Not everyones cup of tea I am sure.


A bit long winded but one should also consider going via o2 refresh works out circa £550.00 with a free Kitsound Boom Evolution speaker thrown in.

However, this deal isn't too bad for a straight up sim free model direct from Samsung.

I have my eye on one of these for later but can't justify the price at the moment

Its £599 right now

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Yes, 599 is website price, when I closed the tab the 5% off offer came up. For what it is worth I did it on a desktop browser (Chrome) not mobile.

isn't it cheaper to add it to the three pay monthly contract - none of their phones come locked.

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Getting phone with Three on cheapest contract is 99 upfront plus 24 months at 38 which comes to 1011. The deal in this thread is 569.99 plus 24 months at 10 which comes to 809.99.

I couldn't get this to work unfortunately.
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