Galaxy S3 £27/24mth + £50 Phone cost  - potentially £519 interest free over 24 months with free insurance (Tesco)

Galaxy S3 £27/24mth + £50 Phone cost - potentially £519 interest free over 24 months with free insurance (Tesco)

Found 16th Jun 2012
To be clear - this deal is for anyone who wants to use their own sim in a Galaxy S3 and who hasn't got the money to splash out 500 sheets on a sim free version.

It's a familiar theme - £27 per month which you can reduce to £21 per month by removing the 500mb internet bolt on at outset. The phone cost is £49 which is partly offset by £35 Quidco/TCB.

So overall cost is £519 assuming cashback tracks and the icing on the cake for me anyway is that you get free insurance over the contract. I've no idea how valuable Tesco Mobile Phone Insurance so would be interested in people's comments on this.

Hope this helps someone out.

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Sureles works out more expensive than other deals?
This + a Sim offer = £???
It for folk who are tied into another contract
You can't remove bolt on on this deal, I asked.

You can here though…e=2
i like the idea of free insurance, as i know it would eventually fall out my pocket or something.

anybody used tesco insurance, does it cover accidental damage?
Think I'd prefer to buy an iPhone and have plenty of cash left over. What a crap deal.
well if you can't remove the bolt on with this deal, I am too in agreement that it's a crap deal....
Even with a removable bolt on its a crap deal
Life's about opinions my friend and at sub-80 degrees, it's fair to say more people share yours than mine.

There's a similar deal at 500+ degrees (where you do use the minutes/texts) where people are voting hot based on the the insurance at being worth c. £5 per month. So if you apply the logic to this deal, I still maintain some (but not all) could get value out of purchasing the phone in this way and purchasing a sim only deal for £3 a month net of quidco

This is of course dependent on you being able to remove the bolt on...which you can' I'll get my coat.
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