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Posted 25 September 2022

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (128GB WiFi) + Galaxy Buds2 + Galaxy Tab A8 (64GB) + S8 Keyboard - £849.15 (+possible £150 trade-in) @ Samsung EPP Store

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Hi All,

Another Samsung EPP deal, but it does seem a good one. It takes a little bit of work so bear with me on this...

Firstly, the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra Wifi model has been reduced on the EPP Store to £849.15, with the trade in of ANY tablet (working or not) you will get an immediade discount of £150, making the total £699.15

Once added to the basket, the Samsung Buds 2 and Galaxy Tab A8 (10.5", Wi-Fi), 64 GB will automatically get added free of charge.

You can then claim a free Samsung S8 Ultra Book Cover Keyboard from Samsung using this link

Prices on Samsung.com Today are S8 Ultra £999, Tab A8 10.5 £249, Buds 2 - £99, Keyboard Cover £299 so total price for all items would be £1646 making this an approximate £950 saving once all freebies are received.

Hope it works for you, this was acheived by using Samsung EPP via Blue light Card.
Samsung More details at Samsung

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    I ordered mine 2 days ago through my EPP and it was delivered today. Had a very old samsung tablet to use for the trade in. Now to see if the fact this comes with the buds and A8 invalidates the claim for the keyboard cover. Will post again if my claim gets accepted...or not. And to the poster above; the SKU number on the claims page definitely seems to be the one for the proper keyboard cover with a touch pad, so I really hope my claim for it works.
    I just submitted the claim. Got the email confirming submission and then less than 60 seconds later
    got this as a second email. BONKERS!!
    Will post again once I actually get the keyboard cover, but so far so good
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    2 weeks delivery time now. But appears to come with a case for the A8 too for free (edited)
    No free buds2 though… at least it doesn’t automatically add it to my basket. Maybe they are now offering book cover instead of the free buds2
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    have the tab s6 and an ipad pro

    wanted the s8 ultra

    no biases here because I usually hate the fruit company. I have to admit, the s6 isn't turned on anymore because the iPad pro is just so much better

    the UI, the speed, the app store, the speakers

    highly recommend the iPad pro
    I've owned lots of tablets including ipad pros, tabs s7+ and now the s8 ultra and I would agree with you for most people but for me the ultra is the "ultimate" tablet, much better multitasking, ability to run emulators, much nicer screen but it is true if you just want a very high quality and easy to use device the ipad is a better choice. It's also better for a lot of professionals depending on the use case, e.g. even though I prefer the free spen and drawing experience on the samsung tablets the drawing software is far better on ipads
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    Don't forget you'll need to throw this in the bin after a few years once the critical updates cease, and apps stop working.
    Sounds like someone hasn't changed their phone since buying a Nokia 6610
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    Ebay prices - A8 £170 / Buds 2 £50 / S8 Ultra Cover £180 , 5% samsung pay cashback (£35) makes the Tablet £265 . Wow
    Free Ultra Cover is extra for the claim.
    You are right.
    So the correct Tab S8 Ultra is £699 - £170 (A8 sold on eBay) - £50(Buds2 sold on eBay) - £35 (Samsung pay plus) = £444 - £180 (keyboard cover sold on eBay) = around £264
    For this £264, you need to add the eBay fees and postage for A8 & Buds2 & keyboard cover plus your trade-in tablet.
    But it is still better £50 than the last listing on Hotukdeals, the only delivery time is after 6th October.
    Edit: 2.55% or around £18 today from TCB, follow the conversations below: so £264-£18.=£246 (edited)
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    Not showing buds2 for me via Totum
  7. Avatar
    Mine arrived today, thanks again @chutuk
    Arrived also with all the extras @chutuk thank u 🙏
  8. Avatar
    Recieved the keyboard today.. thanks!
  9. Avatar
  10. Avatar
    Wow this is amazing
  11. Avatar
    Buds 2 not adding via unidays
  12. Avatar
    What do you need for Samsung pay plus? Can it be easily set up with Samsung device?
  13. Avatar
    Amazing tablet for YouTube Netflix 👏 I love mine
  14. Avatar
    Topcashback tracked at £55, Samsung Pay £35 , hopefully will be able to ebay the Buds2 for 50, A8 170 and the S8 keyboard for 180 leaves me the tablet for £209.
    How did you get topcashback to track? Everytime I try it doesn't load the Samsung epp site
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    Will mark as expired now as the buds offer has ended, instead they're offering a free case with the A8 Tab.
  16. Avatar
    Yes, by 30 Sept
  17. Avatar
    Just got email to say it's being delivered tommorow 2 days early
  18. Avatar
    Garbage gpu
    What do you mean? On the S8 Ultra?
  19. Avatar
    Decent bundle, heat!
  20. Avatar
    Unbelievable price considering the keyboard cover sells for £300.
    From what it says there it's the ultrabook cover....not keyboard cover. If it is the keyboard cover this deal might be worth it, if not these prices come around often enough.
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    I just got a £200 charge from Samsung trade in after sending in old phone. Never even got email from them saying trade in was declined. Lucky i have proof of everything.
    If you are sending anything old in trade in take lots of pictures and videos.
    roughly how many days ago you sent the old phone?
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    Everything is being added via blue light card
  23. Avatar
    Man should have just waited to purchase mine, really want that keyboard
  24. Avatar
    Buds 2 not showing via student beans either just be a PAW promo? @chutuk did you dj this via perks at work or student portal?
    Hi, This was via Blue Light Card
  25. Avatar
    Is it just me or can't pay monthly
  26. Avatar
    Ordered through the blue light card, thanks OP:)
  27. Avatar
    When I click the OP’s link for the keyboard, I’m taken to the correct page but when I look at the qualifying products or retailers, there’s nowt there??


    Can find qualifying products and rewards in the help section, but not retailers?


    TerritoriesParticipating RetailersUnited Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands EE, BT, EE Business, BT Business, BT Enterprise, O2, O2 Business, Giff Gaff, Sky, Tesco Mobile, Three, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Get Go Fone, VOXI, Argos, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon Business, AO.com, Mobile Phones Direct, Currys LTD / Carphone Warehouse / Mobiles.co.uk / e2save.com, Harrods, InMotion, John Lewis, N Brown, (Simply Be, Jacamo, Home Essentials, JD Williams, Ambrose Wilson, Maristoa, Fashion World & Premier Man), Selfridges, Very, Littlewoods, WHSmith International, Samsung Experience Store, Partner Retail Services (PRS), Samsung Kings Cross, Samsung.com, Samsung Shop Online, Samsung Mobile Shop, 4G Upgrades, Aerial Direct, Bechtle Ltd, BT Business Direct, BT Shop, Currys Business, Carphone Warehouse Business, Daisy Communications, Daisy Connect, Digital Wholesale Solutions (DWS), Database For Business, Insight Direct Ltd, Onecom, Rewards Mobile, Tela Technology, Voice Mobile
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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, however, the charger connection doesn't seem to be working anymore, would this still be ok to get the 150 pounds to trade in?
  29. Avatar
    Would love this bundle (to actually use than flog at eBay) will need to ask if the next employer is registered at the interview LOL.
  30. Avatar
    On Samsung pay plus, my curve app doesn't show Samsung as 5%cashback. Am I missing something?
    Mine doesn’t show either.. I simply just put the card number in the Samsung website and 3 min after order the cash back shows in my account. £35 hey presto 😬
  31. Avatar
    Thanks, after cashback and curve it came in at just under £600! Already have the Ultra but I'll get rid of it and keep the buds and A8 for a present 😁
    How can you get the cashback when going through student/work portal? It doesn't track
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    Coming up as £764 for me through Perkbox before trade in48301393-yjpsj.jpg
    I noticed that, but when you add the trade in it only discounts to £699.15
  33. Avatar
    boo got this last week for £50 more, still a great deal then to be honest with the extra tablet, buds and keyboard case.
  34. Avatar
    Incredible tablet, competent for day to day with keyboard and mouse and absolutely amazing for media consumption
  35. Avatar
    Can't find Samsung on bluelight website!
  36. Avatar
    Great deal. I don't have blue light, I do have totum. That doesn't show the buds unfortunately. Still really, really tempted...
    Showing on blue light
  37. Avatar
    Am I right that this has now changed and it comes with a8 book cover as well as the S8 ultra book cover which you claim for . Bloody hell they are giving us more stuff
    did they take out the buds and put the cover instead?
  38. Avatar
    just got a cancellation email after i'd ordered this bundle just after midnight last night :/ oh well i'll just wait out on another deal.
    Just got the same, gutted!
  39. Avatar
    Did anyone manage to get all the extras with this?
    You can't get the extras until your device is delivered and you have access to the serial number ,I think most people device's arrive sometime this week
  40. Avatar
    Received mine too! Does anyone know how long the keyboard case takes to arrive after redemption? It says 45 days but I am wondering if it is faster than this
    Usually bit faster but still a few weeks. Did you get the Disney plus code?