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Galaxy Z Flip4 5G 128GB, Three 100GB data + £150 Trade In Bonus + £300 adidas Voucher - £16pm/24m + £339 upfront = £723/£573 (£35 TCB) @ MPD

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This is now with less monthly cost so when it comes to April price increase, it will be less.

Go via Topcashback to get £35 cashback as well

You can trade in any ZERO value phone to get £150 cashback at Samsung

claim 12months Disney + on below link
samsung.com/uk/…us/ * * *

Adidas gift card here
Mobile Phones Direct More details at Mobile Phones Direct
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    These are imported from EU and resealed after a firmware update.

    Also IMEI not recognised for 150 trade in, though Samsung Support sorted that out for me.

    Also others stated 12 months Disney not working for them, I haven't tried it as I sold the phone on and you can only register from phone itself.

    The adidas Voucher was very easy to get however
  2. Avatar
    How would you redeem the adidas gift card since it expires tomorrow
    Would you need the phone to be delivered by tomorrow
    claim within 60 days of your purchase date
  3. Avatar
    Weird thing is 100gb data directly from three is £12 pm so why are they charging extra £4 for?
    The phone?
  4. Avatar
    Word of warning on these fold phones, the hinge is point blank not covered by warrenty regardless of how old it is. My partners only opens half way after being just over a month old, samsung want dtuoid money to fix as the screen needs replacing at the same tims. Insurance doesnt help either as they dont cover anything which isnt covered by warrenty too.
    Stop paying for your insurance if it only covers things covered by warranty. That doesn't sound right at all.
  5. Avatar
    Amazing deal if you buy adidas

    Deal total cost = £723

    - £150 Trade in
    - £300 Adidas Voucher
    - £240 SIM only contact at £10*24 months (cheapest SIM only)
    - £35 TCB

    Phone = Free plus £2 in credit ?
  6. Avatar
    2 things I wish I could love

    1: battery needs 4500mah min
    2: Screen crease 😞

    But good deal hot from Me
  7. Avatar
    Is there a Fold 4 equivalent deal? Best fold 4 deal right now?
    Sell house, buy 2 Fold 4, use one for shelter and enjoy the other.
  8. Avatar
    This is a cracking deal if you want the latest Galaxy Z Flip4 and Three data works for you. Small monthly payments, better when price increases come, and after taking into consideration the trade in and the Adidas voucher, the upfront cost is more than covered 🔥
  9. Avatar
    Have an iPhone 14 Pro and a whole digital life in the apple ecosystem but every time I see these fold ones I want one 😬
  10. Avatar
    How does the trade in process work ? Do you trade in through the MPD, or do you buy contracts through them and then go to Samsung to trade in and claim 150 ?🙏
    Through Samsung, MPD didn't have a clue about my IMEI not recognised issue, Samsung had to whitelist it
  11. Avatar
    Basically £277?!
    Plus you're getting a 100GB SIM allowance which is worth a fair amount, maybe £10-£15 a month?
    Essentially of you value the Adidas at the face value the phone is free lol..
  12. Avatar
    Where can I sell the Adidas voucher?
  13. Avatar
    Great price, and last day for the Adidas voucher. Not sure if we'll get another deal before the S23 reveal on the first of Feb - I'm holding off at present, as I wanted an S22 Ultra and an Adidas voucher is no use to me. If they'd offered this with the free Chromebook I probably would have snapped it up by now
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