Gallo White Zinfandel Six Bottles for £22.50 (£3.75 Each) Sainsburys

Gallo White Zinfandel Six Bottles for £22.50 (£3.75 Each) Sainsburys

Found 27th Jul 2014Made hot 27th Jul 2014
Sainburys currently have 25% off Six bottles of wine but also have Gallo White Zinfandel on offer 2 for £10. As the deals are stackable you get 6 bottles for £22.50 which is £3.75 each.

Online and In Store.


Off to sainsburys tomorrow for me then

Bought half a dozen bottles at Sainsbury's yesterday, two were on a multi buy from £8 each to 2 for £12, so the original cost of the 6 reduced from £41 to £37, the 25% offer gave a further discount of £9.25, so the offers didn't stack for me as you have illustrated, the further discount was taken off the offer price not the original price.
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Moeman, now on offer of 2 for £10. Six bottles @ 2 for £10 is £30, minus 25% makes it £22.50.

sorry my bad wasn't firing on all cylinders, I was comparing with the offer when it is on a Tesco's there the offers stack and gave you 25% off the original price before the 2 for £x multisave kicked in.

Love this wine but can't get the deal in Scotland (bloody SNP!!!!)

Was just going to say can't get it to work, but in scotland too! Grrrrrrr one of my favourites too, that and barefoot

I don't wish to sound churlish, but is this one of those awful 5% alcohol abominations? Please tell me it's at least 11.5%

Alcohol by volume: 9.5%

Alcoholic content: 7.13 units

does it work online with champagne?


any idea how long this is on for? (the 25% off)

the champagne comes out as £7.77 a bottle delivered with a £20 off code as well!

You can't use £20 off code whilst 25% off wine offer is active


is this in store too? (the 25% off)

Just got this in Sainsburys Hazel Grove, not many bottles left! Heat added.
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