Galvanised Steel shelving unit at Homebase for £10

Galvanised Steel shelving unit at Homebase for £10

Found 20th May
This steel 4 shelf storage unit is both practical and sturdy, and ideal for use in the garage or office. It features plastic floor protectors and safety bracing for added strength and stability. Looks like a cheap option for extra storage
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Too many nuts and bolts
Ikea sell a similar one with only screws which is much quicker to assemble but only good for light loads
We have five or six in our shed. Easy to assemble and makes such a difference
These are the thinnest metal shelves you will ever buy & crease easily. NOT recommended for anything but the lightest things by me.
Maximum weight supported 200kg
s50m31 h, 9 m ago

Maximum weight supported 200kg

Is that each shelf, or the whole unit?
ws00710 m ago

Is that each shelf, or the whole unit?

50kg per shelf according to the web site.
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These are ok. I have one in cupboard, works well. Very thin and light.
Can I put my exhaust on there?
I have two of these and two of the plastic tube ones that get sold all over the place (mine were Aldi workzone), so for comparison:

The plastic tube ones feel more stable when you push them from the front or side - they wobble less and I think they are less likely to fall over, so good for places with a lot of foot traffic.
Conversely, the metal ones feel like they have a lot of lateral free movement, which I really didn't like at first. Of course, this can be almost completely solved with wall brackets. The metal ones take about 20 minutes to put together and are a bit fiddly but you only have to do it once.

However, after 2 years of owning both, with both having 10-20kg on some shelves, the metal ones are holding up MUCH better. It seems they are much more resistant to downward force and as such, there has not been any warping.
The plastic ones on the other hand, have bowed where the shelves have had heavy items on them (toolboxes on one, a henry hoover on another) and I think that eventually the shelf itself will fail one day when I put something on it.

We have just cleared out the garage and will be putting more shelves in it, I will probably buy one plastic shelf for light things (they are much taller so can use all the available vertical space) and the rest will be metal, as it's unlikely I will want under 5kg per shelf for things in the garage.

I hope this helps someone thinking about buying these - I bought another three of these ones for the new shed last week and might even get some more for the garage - for £10 they're pretty incredible and it's so much nicer when everything is organised.

Ikea's Draget shelves are £19
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Already posted this unit
Great first deal post RayEdge-

Look forward to seeing your next deal and thanks for posting

We have shelving in our new garage and what a difference they make, great bits of kit
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I was leaning over to reach something in my shed. I put a little bit of weight on a shelf and it creased and caved in. I couldn't believe it, I really didn't put much weight on it.
My plastic ones, that have been mentioned on here, have been brilliant and are far better imo.
I am looking for a good deal on these now because I have little confidence in the metal ones.
Can anyone confirm how this is put together with 8 corner braces as the instructions state when this is supplied with only 6 as stated in the instructions?!
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