Game Boy Micro Slip Case - Silver - 98p Delivered!

Game Boy Micro Slip Case - Silver - 98p Delivered!

Found 18th Dec 2006
For all the people that bought the £29.99 Game Boy Micro...

A silver slip case for 98p delivered!


Thanks for the above.
Ordered one, only 5 left

none left now....guess i was too slow!!!

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You can still order these but they will not be delivered untill after xmas!

thanks for this gary

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Silver all sold out now - even the stock after xmas.

So now you all need to buy the black ones!...


At last a Good Deal that doesn't require code staking/lx visa card codes/fraud...

Hot + Rep comming your way!

You get a lovely velvet slip case in the box for the Gameboy micro anyway just opened it up and theres definitley one in there...

For all those people who didn't get one...Well there you go you just saved yourself 98p...:giggle:
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