Game of Thrones White Walker Bust, £21.44 Delivered from Amazon

Game of Thrones White Walker Bust, £21.44 Delivered from Amazon

Found 30th Nov 2014
White Walkers, or the Others, are a fierce mythological race who are seldom seen as they lurk and prey in their land in the frozen north of Westeros. The Wall was constructed ages ago to keep them isolated. They are evil, speaking in cracked tones and brandishing deadly icy weapons. We first see them at the end of HBO's Game of Thrones season 2. The White Walker is a hand painted, numbered limited edition. Edition size undetermined at press time. Certificate of authenticity included. Approximately 9" tall, ice spear is 13" long.


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Awesome. Needed something for the mother in law's Christmas.

bought this when it was on offer last time, highly recommend for any GoT fan, looks brilliant and an absolute bargain for the price - they are limited to 1500 made if i remember correctly!

Wight Walker.

Dyslexic Hollywood changed it to 'White' for some reason.

Its always been 'White' Walkers, 'Wight' is the name for the reanimated corpses the White Walkers come into contact with and seem to control. Either way they should be called 'The Others' (:

Great price this though, perfect wintery present.

Gone back up in price
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