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Link Riot Account with Xbox Game pass for League of Legends Benefits @ Xbox

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About this deal

If You are Game Pass Member, Link Your Riot Account with Your Xbox profile now to get ready and unlock the following member-only benefits starting on December 12th at 1pm PST:

1. All 160 Champions
2. Day-one acces to every new champion in game
3. 20% XP Boost
4. Masterwork Chest + key
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    Starting today, if you're a Game Pass member you can now link your Riot Account with your Xbox profile! With the Xbox Game Pass membership you’ll unlock access to the following games, receive member-only benefits and premium rewards across select titles and limited time only in-game rewards starting December 12th at 1pm PST. And for a limited time only (until January 1, 2023), get in-game rewards by linking now.

    • League of Legends (PC)
    • League of Legends: Wild Rift (Mobile)
    • Legends of Runeterra (PC & Mobile)
    • Teamfight Tactics (PC & Mobile)
    Further detail:

    Here's a breakdown of what all Xbox and PC Game Pass subscribers will gain:

    * Valorant

    All current Agents
    Access to every new Agent as soon as they’re released
    20% Match XP boost given to Battle Pass, Event Pass, and active Agent Contract progress

    * League of Legends

    All 160+ champions
    Access to every new champion as soon as they’re released
    20% XP boost

    * Legends of Runeterra

    All cards in Foundations Set

    * Teamfight Tactics

    1-Star Rare Little Legend Tacticians
    4 Arena Skins available until April 2023, and 1 Arena Skin that’s on a monthly rotation thereafter

    * League of Legends: Wild Rift (coming in January) unlocked benefits include:

    All 80+ champions
    Day-one access to every new champion as they’re released
    20% XP boost (edited)
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    Does this work for League Of Legends Wold Rift too?
    It states in their website it’s all games from Riot.
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    I was curious as to what benefit LoL would have on gamepass, this is an incredible offer - the amount of grinding (or paying real money) to unlock all champions is huge!
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    None of the games are coming to console are they?
    League of legends is pc only game
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    Got a question: if i dont have an xbox, and purchase the game pass. Can i still get access to the content? If so, how do i activate the gamepass without an xbox, can be done on PC?
    I think it would work, you could buy a code from GAMIVO for about £1 and then redeem it here redeem.microsoft.com
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    It would cost £100s to buy all champions... great deal for those who play.
    It is a great deal although something I found out is, if you want to purchase a skin for a champion, you have to purchase the champion first regardless of gamepass benefit lol… bit cheeky I suppose considering most good skins cost atleast £10 each anyway
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