Game Replica Xbox Controller Pad 6.99 Del @ game

Game Replica Xbox Controller Pad 6.99 Del @ game

Found 5th Oct 2008
This is for the original xbox....... these are hard toi come by as the xbox is sought after & ebay prices are extortinate for the official one......

showing instock ........ this will be ideal for those who only have one controller....

11% @quidco (if memory serves me right)

not sure if available instore
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voting hot as have been lookin for a pad now for a loooong time. Price usally start from £10 and thats if your lucky enough to find one.

Game Replica Xbox Controller

Thought we couldn't advertise fakes on here

voted cold because although it's new it's a replica and I've had some dreadful replica's in my time, I would advise anyone to get the original or even better buy an xbox off ebay for £15-£20 from a local seller so you can pick up. I've had 2 off ebay at this price and both have come with official controllers.
Hey, I've got a couple of official controllers, how much do they go for?
I buy controllers for all consoles whenever I see them at a reasonable price, I usually pay 50p-£2 for xbox S controllers. 50p-£1 for the old ex-large/3rd party pads.

2nd hand shops seem to charge £1-£5 for them.
Useful find - replacement controllers are frequently a better buy than clapped out originals, and they have a guarantee.
Voted cold. You can get offical for about the same or an xbox for £3 more.
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