GAME sale now online... may be bargains to be had!

GAME sale now online... may be bargains to be had!

Found 29th Sep 2006
Game have just announced the start of their sale. There may be a number of bargains to be had, but as usual, always price compare before you purchase, and don't forget the £1.50 delivery charge as well. There seem to be a few bargains at a fiver, so it may be worth grabbing a few of those...

There is also an attached voucher to get £5 off a £30 spend, which you may want to use

If you find any good bargains, please post them in this thread.


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] - £7.98

] - £4.98

I remember looking through the document before Wednesday and thinking, these offers are rubbish. I think there were 1 or 2 things I thought, 'hmm, that might be good'.
Still, maybe when Phase 2 kicks in we'll see some better games.

I agree with X10 on this one. That's not to put down your post though Emmajk, well spotted.

The games on offer might not be that great, but have a look at the accessories page.

batteries for 98p and ear phones for £3.

Maybe not worth it with the delivery charge, but if you were buying something anyway good bargains.

I guess the £5 discount would bring PREY for the Xbox 360 down to £24.98...assuming they allow you to class £29.98 as £30 (which some sites do). That seems a decent deal to me.

Guys'n'Gals, don't forget this is instore too, and you might find some better buys instore.

I'm gonna have a scout around their store tomorrow en route to work

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Thanks for your comments guys.

I always feel a bit apprehensive when posting a deal about a "sale" such as this one, because I know that there are products in there that can be bought cheaper at other stores, but there are always one or two bargains.

I didn't have time to look through them all, but the links to the two PS2 games I posted above were the cheapest I could see on the internet, even when you include the postage from GAME.

As always, in true HUKD Fashion - price compare!
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