Gameboy Advance games 2 for 1 at Toys R Us (Last Day)

Gameboy Advance games 2 for 1 at Toys R Us (Last Day)

Found 3rd Sep 2006
Toys R Us is currenty offering a number of Gameboy Advance games with a mulitbuy offer - the lowest priced item is free. A number of good titles to be had, for example, Zelda: The Minish Cap and Kingdom Hearts: Chain Memories for £19.99. Delivery is £4.95 extra or free if you order £150 or more.

Hurry, as the offer runs out today.
- feardust


Thanks for the pointer feardust.

Just to let you all know, when submitting a deal, it's better to add something like this as a "tip" or a "sale" rather than a product.



Thanks feardust :thumbsup:

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Oops, sorry about that. Will keep that in mind for the future.

What about the price bit? It doesn't seem right to mark it as £0, but there isn't an option to say it varies.

If you had entered it as a "sale" or a "tip", no price is shown, that's why it would have worked better, but this is fine for now, we're all just getting the hang of things!

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Ah, it's all beginning to make sense now. Thanks for helping me understand the post system better.

No problem at all. It's good to talk about it in the open forum, that way everyone gets to know it a bit better as well
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