Gameboy Micro STILL only £24.99 IN STORE @ Woolworths
Gameboy Micro STILL only £24.99 IN STORE @ Woolworths

Gameboy Micro STILL only £24.99 IN STORE @ Woolworths

Buy forBuy forBuy for£24.99
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Play With Style - Wherever You Are
- The Game Boy Micro Is The Smallest (10.1 x 5.0 x 1.72 cm) And Sleekest Game Boy ever.
- Backlit Screen with Adjustable Brightness Control - Brighter And Crisper Than Ever Before, For Game Play That Really Shines.
- Compatible With All Game Boy Advance Games. Take Your Pick From A Growing Library Of Over 500 Titles.

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I saw pink MICRO on the shelf in Woolworths yesterday


Just to let you know, some stores might also have Gameboy SP in at £19.99
+ seems all games (GA) in-store seem around £5 mark.

Might not see these on the shelfs so ask a member of the Ent counter to have a look in there lock up for old units

hope this helps


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Not seen any GBA SP's for that price

Sounds very good to me tho' - was toying with buying a pre-owned one for the same price from Blockbusters

Will def. check for a brand new one next time I'm in Woolies

thx 4 the info Chrisg82 :thumbsup:

Thats Cool, I work for Woolys, we had some in the cubboard last week and found they all went down. Some stores might not have known this, so still might be stored away cause they was not going to sell for £90 ish quid they was before.


says it's 49.99 on site?
am i missing something?

The Comet in Bangor had 3 pink micros on the shelves
last week for £25 if that helps anybody

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says it's 49.99 on site? am i missing something?

Gameboy Micro STILL only £24.99[COLOR="Red"] IN STORE [/COLOR]@ Woolworths :thumbsup:


Gameboy Micro STILL only £24.99[COLOR="Red"] IN STORE [/COLOR]@ … Gameboy Micro STILL only £24.99[COLOR="Red"] IN STORE [/COLOR]@ Woolworths :thumbsup:

DEURRR sorry about that!!!

I have been having a search on Game and Gamestation, but they seem to be always out of stock. Are the micros very popular? Looking to get a console for my nipper (4 year old) for :santa:

Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. many thanks.

thats what i did, my lad's 4 and purchased one of the sp's for £19.99 + postman pat game for £4.99
he will love it,

My advice is to go into the local store and get a member of the staff to getout what ever old advance consoles and games they got.
My understanding that all games instore on the advance will scan through the till at £4.99! even the ones that are still £30 on the website.

Smaller store (the local one's) are the best one's to check due to the larger one's had allocated space to display the old games on the shelfs! The small stores will still have these out the back!


Chris - thanks very much for that. I'll give it a go.

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