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Assassin's Creed Unity Full Game Download Xbox Live CD Key £9.49 @ Game codes direct
Found 16th Nov 2015Found 16th Nov 2015
Cheaper than some current deals on here.
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​Strongly agree, better get a black flag, lots of bugs and all combat system is messed up. not even worth buying for tenner.


thanks for sharing, but I'm sure it will be on games with gold pretty soon!!!


Personally I enjoyed the game - and lets be right for less than a tenner it's worth a go!


​I agree much to crowded on the streets in Unity, Black flag is a much better game but for the price it's well worth a punt.


Poor game tbh, I got bored with it, nothing new, if anything this was a step backwards. I thought black flag was well better.

South Park The Stick of Truth Steam was 6.99 now £7.99
Found 2nd May 2015Found 2nd May 2015
South Park The Stick of Truth Steam was 6.99 now £7.99 Steam Key. Not working in Germany.
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Great find, I was tempted at £6.99.. Now at £7.99 it's a no-brainer.

Lloydinio this even meant to be a deal


Me too. I'm waiting until it gets to just under a tenner!


Might wait a bit longer to see if the price keeps increasing! Hot!


Do love paying more for things... So refreshing to find that on this site... Usually it's full of useless money saving deals... Who wants them?

Ryse full game download Xbox One £12.99 Simplycdkeys
Found 15th Apr 2015Found 15th Apr 2015
Slightly more than it has been but still a good price for any that missed it before

This game is brilliant dont see what bad reviews are about. This is a really good game and multiplayer is brilliant


was waiting for a price drop. heat added. thanks OP.


Plz plz plz don't buy this game. If you are a fan of fantasy role playing games or to be frank beat em up slash and dash games then this game isn't for you. It is so repetative. Everything is the exact same and there is no skill in this game. If your looking for a good beat em up game. Streets of rage... Better game play


No and yes


Do I need gold in order to buy this? Also, is paypal a payment option?

Assassin's Creed Unity Xbox One Download Code £9.49 @ SimplyCDKeys
Found 1st Apr 2015Found 1st Apr 2015
Introducing Assassin's Creed Unity, the blockbuster franchise's new chapter powered by the all new Anvil engine, rebuilt from the ground up for next gen. From the storming of the B… Read more

Because ps4 is rubbish! Lol


why can't they do this price on ps4!?


Need this cheaper.


still cheap


Comment and it's black flag

Ryse: Son of Rome Full Game Xbox One Download Xbox Live CD Key £9.99 @ SimplyCDKeys
Found 1st Apr 2015Found 1st Apr 2015
Cracking price. First time i have seen it under £10. Code gets instantly sent through. Then you download. Grab it while you can prices always change. great visuals
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this game was great. deserves more credit than it recieved. visuals are still the best ive ever seen. (the order is a tie or maybe, maybe slightly beats it out)


Comment unless someone on here works for Microsoft in that area..none of us know. It's guess work and judgement on previous releases.


Will this definitely get released through games with gold?


Went on it's £12.99


Up to £12.99 now. Had it on disc early days and really enjoyed it. It's not a hugely long game, but at a tenner (or even £13) it's well worth a playthrough in my opinion

Assassins Creed Unity @ SimplyCdKeys £11.99
Found 13th Mar 2015Found 13th Mar 2015
Instant download available for £11.99 this seems to me like a good price compared to anywhere else. Havn't played the game yet but i've seen previews and it looks cracking. I kno… Read more

£3.99 for black flag as well


It's pretty good as it happens.. Predominantly fixed now. Still voting cold though, as it was £9.49 last week, and will be again soon..


It's really not as bad as people have made out. I'm really enjoying it. The free running is alot better & I love the new ability to customise all your armour.


This isn't a bad price, but Ubisoft have crushed my spirit so many times with their flakey programming I just don't know if I could risk it.


I enjoyed the game.

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Overlord, Damnation, Jericho and Operation Flashpoint 49p EACH on (formerly
Found 19th Feb 2015Found 19th Feb 2015
Damnation I've seen described as "unfinished" by one gamer who reviewed it on Gamersgate but for 49p I'm trying it. Overlord is not that amazing but people seem to like it for som… Read more
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4 more votes. Surely the coldest Hot deal of all time on HUKD. Do I win a prize...?


I am in total agreement with this.


Should be hot.


I had to switch from Chrome to Firefox to get Paypal to appear :) Hope that helps someone!


Where's the option to use PayPal? Asking because i can't add my card since they don't have my country on that list.

Xbox Live £10 Gift Card (UK ONLY) Xbox Live CD Key for £8.99 @ simplycdkeys
Found 18th Feb 2015Found 18th Feb 2015
Instant Delivery Good Time For Xbox Sale

This is their normal price, at least it gas been for the last 3 months. If you plan to bulk buy, the £50 code with 5% face stalker discount is cheaper.


not really an amaxing deal cdkeys has roughly the same only good with bulk orders last week rakuten had 10 off 40. i also had a few 500 superpoints and bought a few 10 credits for about 4 quid with discount codes. good deal for now, not the best


Sorry not Oos checked the wrong website.




I JUST bought something from the sale....well may as well buy something else now...

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) Steam CD Key £34.99 @ SimplyCDkeys
Found 14th Feb 2015Found 14th Feb 2015
Los Santos: a sprawling sun-soaked metropolis full of self-help gurus, starlets and fading celebrities, once the envy of the Western world, now struggling to stay afloat in an era … Read more
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And g2a is no where near that cheap you have to add on the shield fee. there fees and then most of the time tax on top of that.


So a VPN only foreign version... Yea that's so useful... This deal is hot because you can not get a STEAM version any cheaper anywhere else.


Gameholds £27.65


That's not the Steam version I see people have trouble reading...


£29.97 at gamestop

Assassin's Creed Black Flag (Xbox One Digital) £3.99 @ Simply Games
Found 13th Feb 2015Found 13th Feb 2015
The year is 1715. Pirates rule the Caribbean and have established their own lawless Republic where corruption, greediness and cruelty are commonplace. Among these outlaws is a bra… Read more
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Great game at crazy low price, this is the best assassins creed game in a long time.


I still don't understand how this is soo cheap on xbox one. Heat for ridiculous price though!


Thank you. Ordered & heat added


What can u get for 4 quid just downloading now scorching


Very good game too....heat.

Assassin's Creed Black Flag Full Game Download Xbox One £4.99 @ SimplyCDKeys
Found 4th Feb 2015Found 4th Feb 2015
Haven't personally played the game my self, but it would be a lot of gaming for £4.99!

Xbox 360 resolution is 720p, Xbox One version is 900p. Unity is also 900p. So the 'different league' is actually the same league for the 2 Xbone games


Yeah I get that, but I wonder how much heat and comments are given and made by people who have already got the game, think it's good and therefore good value at £4.99. I remember buying a Galaxy Tab 3 for £99 thinking I had an amazing deal, and then seeing it on here again a few days later for £79.99 a couple of Christmases ago. I also recently bought an LG G3 phone that I saw on here at £299 and had to decide whether to wait and see if it drops even more and risk expiring, or buy it at that price. What I'm saying is that yes, it could be back to £2.99 next week but at the same time it might not, so it becomes speculation.


But I'm basing it on the fact that probably in two weeks, it's going to be under this price again


Fair point although that £2 represents a 40% saving.. and CD keys are always shifting their prices up and down so chances are it will come around again. At this point it might as well be free on games for gold. :P


well worth it at £4.99 dont care about £2.95 was in the past

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox one £27.99 @ CD key (£14 if you use game sharing)
Found 24th Jan 2015Found 24th Jan 2015
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Full Game Download Xbox Live CD Key Not as good as a couple of the hard copy deals I've seen, however I gameshare with my friend which means we split… Read more
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So your 1 and you have a hard copy that says 18 years on it :) uh oh


Know im 1


There self's?????? Try "themselves" Dont??? Try "Don't" Got to be???? Try "need to be" Given your rather poor spelling and grammar, are you over 18? ;)


Nope, my hard copy says 18 years on it.


You sure the rating is not only for the purchase of the game? once it's bought its upto the parents who plays it.

Assassins Creed Unity - £12.99 / AC Black Flag - £4.29 (XBOX ONE ) @ SimplyCDKeys
Found 23rd Jan 2015Found 23rd Jan 2015
Weekend sale. Great prices. All digital downloads.

Thank you :)


£9.99 : @ CDKEYS


500 degrees for you


I bought blsck flag 6.99 a few weeks ago when it wss posted on here. ive not played anything since. Like some one mentioned the free running can be a pain but the game is massive and will keep me busy for ages. Less than a £5 for this is a steal.


1st feb. Unity. £9.99

Assassin's Creed V Unity Full Game Download Code Xbox One £13.49 @
Found 18th Jan 2015Found 18th Jan 2015
Good alternative to those who don't want to use website. Yes slightly more expensive here so i expect it to go cold.

Comment I'm sure they're different - even prices aren't same


I was under the impression cdkeys and simplycdkeys were the same company, just different trading names?


You should've disputed the PayPal transaction, they would've definitely sided with you and got your money back


In short they said there was nothing they could do about it, i don't think a lot of people have had issues with them but there is some.


Fair enough, didn't realise that people had problems with it. Did you contact them and did they resolve it/refund you?

Xbox one digital Download games from £6.99 @ simply games
Found 9th Jan 2015Found 9th Jan 2015
Assassin creed black flag £6.99 Ryse £13.99 COD Ghosts £13.99 Assassins creed unity £16.99 Forza 5 £17.99 Titanfall £22.99
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it did say in the original post but must have been removed as its "The site that must not be named" its something like "" "cd" or was that the other way around


Which website cashley? and whats the facebook code?



Hear added


black flag is £5.25 on ****.com, just got mine off there, downloading now, using the 5% off Facebook code it it £4.98