GameCube Hardware Purple (Cube) £24.99 Delivered

GameCube Hardware Purple (Cube) £24.99 Delivered

Found 13th May 2008
The GameCube is built to run the best games in the world. Cutting edge technology in a developer friendly package, so that gamers get the most out of their machine... because it's all about the games. Combining stunning graphics with creative game play, Nintendo's console delivers the most original and unmatched video games experience ever seen.

Using three inch game discs, GameCube boasts beautiful graphics, incredibly immersive surround-sound audio and - most importantly - Nintendo's know-how and heritage making games, and characters, that millions love.

The controller has been heralded as the most ergonomically designed peripheral ever held. For some forthcoming games you can even use the Game Boy Advance as a controller, while the GBA's screen can be used to present extra features and information in the palm of your hand!

Very portable, very playable, very affordable!

Includes the GameCube console, a controller, AC adapter and stereo A/V cable.

System Specifications:

485 MHz custom 'Gecko' CPU
162 MHz custom 'Flipper' Graphics Processor
40MB Total Memory
2.6 GB/sec Memory Bandwidth
12 M/sec Polygon Performance
10.4 GB/sec Texture Read Bandwidth
64 Audio Channels

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