GameGiveAwayOfTheDay -Bumpy Jumpy

GameGiveAwayOfTheDay -Bumpy Jumpy

Found 24th Oct 2010

Giveaway of the Day - Bumpy Jumpy

October 24, 2010
Do you remember “Bumpy” game for old consoles, do you feel some nostalgia about it? “Bumpy” remake for PC has been released.

Help the main personage Bumpy to overcome the obstacles and collect treasures in the lost ancient city. There are spikes, fire, barriers and the other traps on the Bumpy’s way from level to level. This game will test not only your reflexes, but also strategical thinking.

Game features:

100 interesting levels in full version and addictive gameplay will give you hours of fun action
Brilliant graphics and special effects

Thumbs up: 63 (80%) Thumbs down: 16 (20%) decide for yourself!

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This has known issues with causing crashes. It is not written for Windows 7. Some say it works fine, others say it doesn't. I tried it Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and it crashed when I hit play. Read the comments on the download page before you decide.
Thumbs up is now 68 (76%) Thumbs down 21 (24%)
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