Gameloft : Castle Of Magic @ iTunes 80% off

Gameloft : Castle Of Magic @ iTunes 80% off

Found 27th Aug 2009
IGN: If you grew up on NES and Genesis, this game is a love letter, written expressly to you.
Appadvice: Castle of Magic seems to be a culmination of the greatest plat-formers in video game history.
SlidetoPlay: Step aside Mario and Sonic.

Finally, a platformer on the App Store packed with every feature of the best games of the genre!

Be prepared for anything as you try to save your friend from the clutches of the horrifying magician Nefastax!
Master numerous magical powers, discover beautiful enchanted worlds, stand up to the wildest monsters, transform yourself into powerful creatures, and even walk on the ceiling when gravity disappears!

Isnt it time to believe in magic again?

Plunge into the magic:
5 beautiful 3D environments, each in a different material influencing the gameplay: slip on ice, swim in the sea, levitate in space, get glued in pastry, and more!
Transform yourself into 6 different characters, each with a different power: a hunter casting arrows; the invincible fat man; the reckless swordfish, and more.
6 different bosses and a huge variety of enemies: from a giant snake, an octopus, a space-ship, snow-man, and more!
Accelerometer use: shake your device to release superpowers.
Tons of secondary quests: Find witches hats to win extra lives and search for secret worlds to maximize your diamond collection.

link to youtube review :…Khk

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And Rise of Lost Empires 0.59p

And..............Gangstar is out for £3.99 - a total clone, but a must have.
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