Gameloft games on the iPhone - lots for 59p each!!!
Gameloft games on the iPhone - lots for 59p each!!!

Gameloft games on the iPhone - lots for 59p each!!!

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After seeing and download a few brill iPhone games recently either here or mostly from the App store I noticed that lots of the 59p bargains were made by Gameloft (Let's Golf and Asphalt 4). If you search on your App store on your iPhone you will find loads of other good Gameloft games such as:

Real Football 2009 59p
CSI: Miami 59p
Siberian Strike 59p
Midnight Pool 59p
TV Show King 59p
Wild West Guns 59p
Bubble Bash 59p
Midnight Bowling 59p
Platinum Solitaire 59p
Block Breaker Deluxe 59p
New York Nights: Success in the city 59p

Plus others already posted for 59p (Hero of Sparta and Asphalt 4; whilst Let's Golf has gone up to £1.19). Lots of other ones for more than 59p but keep an eye on them and I am sure they will come down at some point too!

Nice to see a really good game company selling things for such a decent price!


Some good games there

woah these were 5 quid games at a point.

Better to get something than nothing.

Any particular ones you'd recommend?


Any particular ones you'd recommend?

+1! I dont no whats good and whats naf

Why has someone expired this? Just bought 4 of the above games and they are the above price some good games too hot :thumbsup:

Why has this expired? There's still 14 games @ 59p

Why is this expired?


Why is this expired?

I would imagine its because there has been a lot of these posts lately and has therefore been expired thinking it is a duplicate posting :thumbsup:


Why is this expired?

Not sure, the deal link is probably throwing people.

Gameloft have done some really impressive iphone games, most of these arent them lol, good deal if its your thing though

Lets Golf Is £1.19

Id recommend the footy game and pool game also brick ball.


How do I get onto the gameloft page?

The link just goes straight to the apple homepage and I can't find the game.


Go to itunes , go to the app shop and search which game u want and download or you can through the app shop through the iphone.

To buy the games, open up iTunes on computer and enter the name of the game in the search box.

I would recommend doing it on the computer since the files are around 70 to 80MB each, and it would take a while on the handset.

I just bought bubble bash and asphalt 4 for 59p each.

Thanks O.P

Adding Heat now.

EDIT: Can't add heat cos it's expired... (Why??)

Anyway's have some rep instead. Cheers

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To find the games just search for 'gameloft' in the app store. CSI Miami is extremely good (250MB as well!) whilst I really like Siberian Strike too (good old shoot em up!). Bubble Bash and Block Breaker Deluxe are pretty good too. I will be keeping an eye on the search to spot other price reductions too...
Why is this expired???

finally voted hot
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