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Amazing Spider-man 2 game free for Xperia owners - Android
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Posted 22nd Apr 2014Posted 22nd Apr 2014
Amazing Spider-man 2 game free for Xperia owners - Android
If you have the xperia lounge app on your xperia device, you can download the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game for free. Just go into the app, click on the offer and start downloading.

has anyone else had problems receiving texts after installing this? I noticed that some sms messages were not getting received and a pop message said this spiderman 2 app would crash when it wasnt open then i noticed some people mentoined that the app requires access to send and receive text messages i send a test text when game wasnt installed and didnt receive then when i uninstall im now receiving messages shame as game looked quite good


I have a sim free Z Ultra and can't find the game. It says it's incompatible with my device.


actually, found this on their FB page: "The internet connection requirement was implemented to cut down on pirated copies of our game, as well as to combat hacking and cloning. I can understand how this can sometimes be frustrating for normal players without a solid connection, but it's vital to cut out the piracy in order for us to be able to keep costs low and still provide free as well as paid games to players all over the world." BUT...."Offline may be available soon with a possible update...."


okay, I've downloaded the apk file, then downloaded the extra 670MB of data needed for this game. I have to say it looks and plays pretty good! BUT how come it needs wifi/data connection to play? Really confused about this.


Brilliant, seems to be downloading now thanks.

Free copy of Modern Combat 4 for Xperia Z
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Posted 17th Feb 2014Posted 17th Feb 2014
Free copy of Modern Combat 4 for Xperia Z
Free download of MC4 available to Xperia Z owners via Xperia Lounge app. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
Get deal*Get deal*

Just need to do some scrolling, its a few pages down........Any owners know of an app for Walkman that has very big buttons on lock screen....................


Only noticed it in the lounge yesterday. Downloaded it yesterday with no problems.


a lot of the deals still work after a while, just like the SSX one for the Z1, thats been on for months


Click on the deal an get the following .... This promo is not available for your device Search for promo and the only link is this.. Which was dated nov 2013 ....


Or just click on the deal link? Works for me… Anyone else?

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour HD Free for Xperia Z owners via the Xperia Lounge
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Posted 2nd Nov 2013Posted 2nd Nov 2013
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour HD Free for Xperia Z owners via the Xperia Lounge
Free Game of the month for Xperia Z owners. Available all weekend via the Xperia Lounge app. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

You can bypass the xperia z check by using chrome and a user agent override. To do this: open chrome press ctrl+shift+i right click the settings icon(cog) at the bottom right of your screen on the left hand pane of the settings window click overrides tick the enable checkbox, enable on devtools startup checkbox and the user agent checkbox. click the dropdown menu and select other copy and paste: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.1; xx-xx; SonyEricssonC6603 Build/10.1.A.0.182) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30 paste it into the textbox close the settings window goto the modern combat 4 free game download page press ctrl+shift+i refresh click free press ctrl+shift+i refresh the .apk should start downloading. if it says invalid data press ctrl+shift+i and refresh a few times. upload to dropbox or alternatives or transfer the apk via usb to your device install


bought this the other week for 69p thinking it couldn't get cheaper lol. oh well

Free Asphalt 7:Heat for android devices from Virgin@ Gameloft Wapshop
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Posted 24th Jun 2013Posted 24th Jun 2013
Free Asphalt 7:Heat for android devices from Virgin@ Gameloft Wapshop
Got a text not long ago from Virgin about their WiFi buddy app and it came with a link. on that link there's one bit that says 'Download a free game' which is Asphalt 7. I've downl… Read more

thanks, also had to use brian129's link, everything worked fine then.


Just downloaded for my Xperia Play (I'm with Ovivo so it isn't just for Virgin customers) and it works perfect, inc with the Play controller. Thanks :D Edit: I also used brian129's link in post #15 first, not sure if it would make a difference but works anyway :)


I eventually got it working, although I wish I hadn't, terrible game imo. I had the link in post15 and it worked fine, although I had to do it twice.


I saw that as well but I used my Nexus 7 on WiFi so shouldn't be a problem. This is the link I got the text with:


When I click the links about other games or to redownload games I see the price of this game from Virgin is £2. This is when I use mobile data and my Virgin simcard as well, so I'm a bit wary in case running this will result in me being charged from Virgin.

Apple app store two free Gameloft games this weekend only including N.O.V.A 3
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Posted 17th May 2013Posted 17th May 2013
Apple app store two free Gameloft games this weekend only including N.O.V.A 3
Two highly rated Gameloft iOS games for free this weekend only. iPad and iPhone/touch compatible. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints and N.O.V.A 3… Read more

I sympathise with the OP too - got a lot of grief from my Wii U Collection deal. It got featured on Gizmodo and it still got spammed and expired by disgruntled forummers. Still, loads of people voted so at least I know I've helped people.


Well done wibble, and I sympathise - this can be the grumpiest web community going, so much that I post is obscure but a great deal and people shut it down to investigate the deal website. A lot of people here need to take a chill pill. If they put half the energy they put into complaining when someone takes the time to post a deal, into their jobs, they'd probably get promoted and not need to scrounge for freebies all day long.


NOVA Top In-App Purchases A Pocket Full of Credits$1.99 Kal's Stash$1.99 A Box Full of Credits$4.99 Prometheus' Intervention$4.99 A Spaceship Full of Credits$9.99 Maz'Rah's Secret$9.99 A Comet's Worth of Credits$19.99 Rufus' Armory$19.99 Yelena's Upgrade$49.99 A Galaxy's Worth of Credits$99.99


nice one wibble. 8)


What makes me laugh is users who just sit there checking every new post just so they can say 'duplicate', you're not a mod so stop it!

N.O.V.A.3 for 99p @ Gameloft
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Posted 11th Mar 2013Posted 11th Mar 2013
N.O.V.A.3 for 99p @ Gameloft£0.99
N.O.V.A. 3 is a sci-fi shoot 'email up by Gameloft a big app developer that make very good apps that are worth every penny. This game was £4.99 and is £0.99 for a short time. As fa… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

It is a good game, however on android it requires an internet connection to verify the game licence before you can play it, does this e very time you boot the game. might not be the same on kindle, but worth noting anyway

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Gameloft Mac App Store Holiday Sale
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Posted 23rd Dec 2012Posted 23rd Dec 2012
Gameloft Mac App Store Holiday Sale£0.69
Several Gameloft Games on Mac App Store 69p: - Asphalt 6: Adrenaline - N.O.V.A 2 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance - Starfront Collision - Real Golf 2011 - Gangstar: Miami Vindication … Read more

Exactly, its the mac app store so a 320 x 480 game looks awful stretched up to 1080p or higher


Oh ok, I would suggest Dungeon Hunter: Alliance as one of the better games, really enjoyed it.


Asphalt 6 is fairly good. Gangstar Miami seems good for the price, but I have heard that it is nothing compared to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (which is £10.49).


This deal is referring to one on the Mac App Store, rather than the iOS App Store or the Google Play deals.


Possibly you have an old phone because there are better games then this on the list eg amazing spiderman.

Gameloft Selection Games on mobile BOGOF or 3 for £2.50
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Posted 22nd Dec 2012Posted 22nd Dec 2012
Gameloft Selection Games on mobile BOGOF or 3 for £2.50£0.99
Gameloft Selection games on mobile for £0.99. Get one game free or 3 for £2.50 Includes: Modern Combat 4 Wild Blood Asphalt 7 And many more. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
Free HD Gameloft game *limited time only* when you buy another
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Posted 21st Dec 2012Posted 21st Dec 2012
Free HD Gameloft game *limited time only* when you buy another£0.99
ok so I downloaded the amazing spiderman today and started installing it. whilst doing that, a ad popped up saying about claiming a free hd game from Gameloft. I decided to give … Read more

I'm very suspicious of Gameloft games on Android - in the Google Play store games that state they are compatible with my device don't work. I have tried 2 Gameloft games so far. 1 fails on licence checking so DRM is actually stopping me play and the second just doesn't get anywhere. Their customer service have replied BUT avoid any questions I put to them concerning refund. Personally id be very wary of them in future. 99p is good but it's not good if the game doesn't work.


Bought ice age 4 doesnt work on my tablet and the website chose oregon trail as my free game which i didnt want !!!! and that game does work on my tablet doh


you download any hd gameloft from google play or the gameloft minisite, install it and it pops up with that ad while installing


54 games available for your HTC One V ?


"Shared Via The HUKD App For Android." Probably Google Play I'm guessing

All Android Gameloft games 99p @ Gameloft Store (via mobile / tablet)
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Posted 13th Nov 2012Posted 13th Nov 2012
All Android Gameloft games 99p @ Gameloft Store (via mobile / tablet)£0.99
Go to on your Android phone or Tablet to see the games on offer for your device. All are 99p, including Wild Blood, Batman etc. Prices only available on Gamel… Read more
deleted134172 was 69p yesterday not sure of now but it worked on NEXUS 7 16GB 4.2 Jellybean


i got the refund yesterday for all 3 and now will buy under the amazon store or google play store as there is a SALE


Try getting updates for said games...


I bought nova 3 on nexus 7 after data download it says not an original purchase my tablet is not rooted or anything just on 4.2 via software update in settings>about>update. And the gangster Rio loaded but in game I can't move I have switched of Bluetooth and only allowed normal stock keyboard and deleted the non working six axis app due to me not being rooted And when buying asphalt 7. At final checkout it read asphalt 6 so I did not click download in order to get refund ... This is the worst purchasing experience ever


Well, I have bought 3 games through my nexus 7 and paid with paypal - no problem whatsoever! Gerat games too 8)

Gameloft Android games £2.00 Buy one get one free
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Posted 17th Oct 2012Posted 17th Oct 2012
Gameloft Android games £2.00 Buy one get one free£2
Gameloft are doing there buy one get one free offer again. The last time the offer was on games were £3.00 each. Only through wap store Ashphalt 7 HD The Dark Knight rises HD Un… Read more

It's more for the games like shadow guardian, Backstab, eternal legacy & starfront some of these games aren't even on the play store.


asphalt 7 is 80p anyway, so with this "deal" you'd pay even more


gameloft make some decent games but seem to be screwing it up on pricing and this freeium crap! lets golf 3 is a cracking game, but you need to buy credits to play for longer, why not just make it a stand alone for a fixed price? £2 for two games is a good price although one of two of these were 25p on the google offer.


All are showing as £3.00 each for me.


...get on free ???? X)

The Dark Knight Rises HD (Game) from Gameloft for Android £3
Posted 13th Sep 2012Posted 13th Sep 2012
The Dark Knight Rises HD (Game) from Gameloft for Android £3£3
Buy this game direct from Gameloft to get it for £3 rather than £4.99 from Google Play

spiderman is good my son loves it graphics are good a well might uy this for him


Is the game any good?


How do you get a free game? I see Spiderman is also £3 from Gameloft direct!


Be worth editing your title to also mention you get another game free as well.

Shrek Kart is free on Android HD for the next two hours
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Posted 9th Apr 2012Posted 9th Apr 2012
Shrek Kart is free on Android HD for the next two hours
Shrek Kart is #free on Android HD for the next two hours; visit our store via your mobile: #EasterFreeGame

downloaded the trial the other day and it is properly crap. Free is the only price this should ever have been.


Cool thanks


for some reason this game isn't showing up right now, managed to get the other two.

Gameloft Easter Game Hunt Android Free Game Spider-man: Total Mayhem
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Posted 8th Apr 2012Posted 8th Apr 2012
Gameloft Easter Game Hunt Android Free Game Spider-man: Total Mayhem
Gameloft continue there easter eggstravaganza with Spider-man: Total Mayhem for free visit the deal url via your mobile device Also for the next 2 hours only 12pm-2pm http://j.m… Read more

Not working.


No!!! I forgot all about this, why cant Gameloft have the games available for longer :(


Heat added.... not a bad game


Doesn't work on the "FLAGSHIP" Galaxy Nexus!! Good one Gameloft!!


downloading on to my S II . have some heat.

9mm is free on gameloft for android 2 hours only
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Posted 7th Apr 2012Posted 7th Apr 2012
9mm is free on gameloft for android 2 hours only
9mm is now #free on Android HD for the next two hours; visit our store via your mobile: #EasterFreeGame it will start at 2pm for 2 hours

wanted this game well bad looks like gta not paying £4.99 for it will try to get todays free game


bit of crap tbh, as soon as a update is released we wont be able to update as it's not been purchased through the market all they let you download is the apk off there site so, pm someone :)


Same here!!! How crap is that!! Heat added nonetheless!


Damn I missed it by 10 mins. It costs £4.99 now


nice i managed to get it with seconds to spare :)

Free Android HD Games This Weekend from gameloft
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Posted 5th Apr 2012Posted 5th Apr 2012
Free Android HD Games This Weekend from gameloft
If you own an Android HD device then the Easter Bunny has something very special in store for you. As we’re good friends with the little rascal he has convinced us to make one And… Read more

Shrek Kart HD is now available :)


Already got spidey. Good game, even though update left me with both versions showing as installed apps.


Spider-man Total Mayhem free, about an hour left


I've got stuff in their giveaways before. The updates end up being crippled and you're unable to use or update them after enough time has passed. While they're fairly decent, gameplay wise, their installer-game system is painful, and their story/cut scenes are very irritating.


Gameloft are carp. Got there just 10 mins after the notice and i`ve missed the easter rabbit, so much for the two hours.

Gameloft Forever Alone Sale. £1 Android Games & 69p Iphone/Ipad Games
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Posted 15th Feb 2012Posted 15th Feb 2012
Gameloft Forever Alone Sale. £1 Android Games & 69p Iphone/Ipad Games£0.69
To get the games you need to visit the link ive provided on your phone these price are not on the android market, to do this just search 'forever alone gameloft sale' on your phone… Read more

What do you mean "moving towards" ? We were there several years ago, certainly where "copyright infringement" is concerned. ;)


LOL - Halal Poly ! Nice one I was going round in circles with this site - it had my phone wrong too. I got off.


I was joking. :)


Guys I have to stick up for Susan in this one, how do you know that she won't be sitting with her son and using this app as a tool for teaching? Isn't that a much better option than using the traditional pen and paper as it will keep his interest for much longer? Or, since the kid will be playing games in their free time anyway, why not let it be educational too? If either of these are true, that would make her a better parent than most....



Modern Combat 2 (Black Pegasus) & Modern Combat 3 (Fallen Nation) free for Samsung Galaxy S2 owners
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Posted 9th Feb 2012Posted 9th Feb 2012
Modern Combat 2 (Black Pegasus) & Modern Combat 3 (Fallen Nation) free for Samsung Galaxy S2 owners
Seems to be a little known Samsung promotion floating around at the moment. Both these games are currently retailing on the Android Market for £4.99 each, but if you use the 'Samsu… Read more

cheers op and lxvii


Nice catch Ixvii !!


Also EA's Dead Space if free from samsung apps, awesome game for android.


nicee. thanks for letting us know! seems popular on the market.

gameloft chinese new year sale, games for 69p itunes
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Posted 22nd Jan 2012Posted 22nd Jan 2012
gameloft chinese new year sale, games for 69p itunes£0.69
correct link for uk = iPhone Silent Ops BackStab Fast Five the Movie: Official Game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard N.O.V.A. 2 – Near Orbit… Read more
Gameloft Sale @ Blackberry App World - £1 games
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Posted 21st Jan 2012Posted 21st Jan 2012LocalLocal
Gameloft Sale @ Blackberry App World - £1 games£1
I recently picked up the 64gb Playbook from the CPW and just found 6 pretty decent HD games on offer for £1 at the Blackberry App World site: Asphalt 6 Adrenaline Uno Star Front: … Read more

I did see Spiderman and thought it was more, but couldn't remember.


Bought modern combat earlier quite impressed. Also spiderman is reduced to £3 from £7-8. I had posted modern combat and spiderman but not getting much heat. Spiderman is worth the money well laid out game.


wasnt aware modern combat 2 was in there, thanks for the heads up


Thanks for the heads up, I was looking for a few decent games for the Playbook