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[Gamepass Ultimate Perks] 500 Minecoins for Minecraft Marketplace

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Not sure of the original cash value of these coins but free is free! Worth getting if you are a Minecraft fan and have GPU
Xbox More details at
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  1. Rolefitleader's avatar
    Hi,where is this please,as my son can't see it?
    Thanks in advance
    johnwillowlfc's avatar
    I saw it in the gamepass app?
  2. SamDude's avatar
    Any spare code would be appreciated here too (please DM it so someone doesn't grab it before I get to it!)
    Davebanner87's avatar
    Sent you a message
  3. CaptainRogers's avatar
    Can you add this onto a child's account who doesn't have game pass?

    If so which child to pick 🥴
    johnwillowlfc's avatar
    Its a redeemable code, so should be able to add to childs account
  4. Rorysaurus's avatar
    Nice I bought minecraft yesterday
  5. Defaults's avatar
    They should give those coins to all the people they laid off instead.
  6. robbiet's avatar
    Not sure if these are transferable, but I won’t use mine so
    khy86's avatar
    Thanks, my newphew will love these
  7. Moonmonkeys's avatar
    Cheers, my kids have already used it. We found it on the Xbox homepage - Gamepass- perks.
  8. 740540's avatar
    Thanks. 500 Minecoins claimed via GPU. The code gifted to my son
  9. Venner's avatar
    Thanks added it to my daughters account.
  10. TiredParent's avatar
  11. tievolu's avatar
    Here's my code for anyone who wants it:

  12. bangerturner's avatar
    No interest in Minecraft, here's my code:
  13. davejb's avatar
    very nice indeed! annoyingly my sons gamepass never shows the perks on the xbox in the app. just says "we cant show this right now"
  14. Assured_Brother's avatar
    I'm obviously too old to work this on my mobile or in the Xbox gamepass app. How can I get this to work?
    johnwillowlfc's avatar
    Check additional info above
  15. superfpfp1991's avatar
    If someone has a spare code that they're not going to use, would appreciate it if you could message it to me please, thanks!
    johnwillowlfc's avatar
    Have you tried the 2 codes above your comment?
  16. Emmeow's avatar
    Anyone have a spare code? Would be greatly appreciated! If you could DM it too please!!) (edited)
  17. P6RAF's avatar
    Don't understand. My boy spends his life on minecraft so it caught my attention. Clicked on the link and I'm asked which monthly game pass do I want to sign up to. Nothing about free game credits. Next I read people asking for a code? No free minecoins to be seen. Confused
    johnwillowlfc's avatar
    The get deal link takes you to the perks information website, which has info on how to obtain the perks. If you have gamepass ultimate you can access this deal using the gamepass app on android, iOS and PC. You can also access them on an xbox console. Hope this helps (edited)
  18. Kerienn's avatar
    If my son doesn't have GPU can he still use a code given by someone else?
    johnwillowlfc's avatar
    Im assuming yes as others have given codes away
  19. WalkerboyUK's avatar
    Shame my rewards account got nuked for no reason at all two weeks ago.
    Got 47k points, it’s stopped earning more and won’t let me cash them in.
    No explanation from MS and no response when I use the support form.
  20. Kerienn's avatar
    OK. I messed it up. I redeemed it under my account hoping to be able to share it with my son. It turned out it cannot be shared. Now I have 500 minecoins but I don't play Minecraft and have no intention to play it in the future either. Bummer.
  21. lucyferror's avatar
    Anyone have some spare code please?
    If you could DM me as well as not always online.
    Thank you in advance on behalf of my son (edited)
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