Gameplay - January Sale starts 22nd December!
Gameplay - January Sale starts 22nd December!

Gameplay - January Sale starts 22nd December!

Sale starts 9am Friday 22nd December! Sale ends 31st January 2007. Products will be added throughout January, so make sure to come back and check for more bargains!

This is a direct link to the sales page so it won't be active until Friday :thumbsup:


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I'm sure someone will remember to bump it up :santa: Thanks for this sintass :santa:

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Don't worry I'll be bumping this for sure, I've got my eye on a few things already :viking:

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I was in Gamestation tonight and they were marking down all their Xbox 360 games as well, so we might find a number of stores beginning to follow suit with a pre-Christmas sale on games.

Come on 9am, I've got a wii and i'm bored with wii sports!!


A few things I found...

Burnout Revenge (Xbox) - £4.99

Tomb Raider Legend (Xbox 360) - £12.99

Table Tennis (Xbox 360) - £12.99

Amped 3 (Xbox 360) - £12.99

Neverwinter Nights (PC) - £1.99

and the rest are £5 more than everywhere else !

Some good prices for 360 games! Nice

Burnout Revenge was £4.99 for one day 2 weeks ago, as I bought it :-o

Nothing good on xbox or Game Boy Advance.

hmmmmm......bit of build up and a MASSIVE let down. Oh well.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - £29.99
Xbox 360 Memory Unit (64MB) - £17.99
Xbox 360 Quick Charge Cradle - £17.99
Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote - £17.99
Xbox 360 Controller - £21.99

Get £10.00 off when you buy any 2 selected Xbox 360 accessories. ]Gameplay

gone for womb raider on the 360, good spot guys.

there is a code someone posted ages ago if you search the voucher section, however the 10% didnt work with my order, tells me im not authorised.

PSP logitech case for £5.99
PSP Midnight Club 3...£9.99

Best prices I've seen, just ordered them. Don't need them for Xmas so gone with free 2nd class postage.

The prices for the Gamecube stuff is pathetic.


ITS ON!!A few things I found...Burnout Revenge (Xbox) - £4.99Tomb Raider … ITS ON!!A few things I found...Burnout Revenge (Xbox) - £4.99Tomb Raider Legend (Xbox 360) - £12.99Table Tennis (Xbox 360) - £12.99Amped 3 (Xbox 360) - £12.99Neverwinter Nights (PC) - £1.99

Condemned is also £12.99, although that's one seriously questionable game.

Condemned: 360 = £12.99
LEGO Star Wars II: = £24.99
The Outfit = £12.99

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