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Mrs Pacman 99p digital download @ Gamepointsnow
Found 19th Feb 2015Found 19th Feb 2015
Mrs Pacman from gamepointsnow only 99p digital download surely worth it for ye olde gamers and the youth who missed out on these classic games......yes I could myself in that categ… Read more
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again its Ms not Mrs or Miss but Ms


Again, it's Miss Pacman...crikey anyone knows that.


having trouble with app and connection accidentally double posted this deal how do I delete one?

Halo Reach Xbox 360 £7.99
Found 19th Feb 2015Found 19th Feb 2015
Just seen Halo Reach for £7.99 when browsing the previous Batman hot deal seems pretty cheap Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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True i do agree but a good deal for someone wanting digital download?


You can pick it up instore or just get it from Game. You can get this cheaper pretty much everywhere else; plus you can get a physical copy.


I guess if you really want to go digital then i'm assuming this is the best price. However, like other comments have suggested, you can get it cheaper preowned.


soz just checked showing £2.50 p & (£6.50 total) not much difference now to the £7.99


Is postage and packaging free? ive never used cex before

Batman: Arkham City - digital download key - (Xbox 360) £3.99 @ gamepointsnow
Found 18th Feb 2015Found 18th Feb 2015
Code for Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) delivered via email. Become Batman, a shadowy figure who’s on a one man crusade to rid the City of the evil that thrives within it. The di… Read more
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If you have Gold membership it is currently cheaper on or on the 360 dashboard. Part of the ultimate game sale.

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Assassins Creed IV Black Flag (Xbox One) Digital Download £14.99 @ Game Points Now
Found 19th Nov 2014Found 19th Nov 2014
Advertised as UK version. Currently in stock, code delivered via email. The year is 1715. Pirates rule the Caribbean and have established their own lawless Republic where corrupt… Read more
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£7.84 at CDK now. Ridiculous price. Bought 2.




£8 at the forbidden place.


Only £12.95 for download now on eBay UK Business seller see below for top rated seller.


£11.90 on CDK's now, so £11.30ish with FB code

COD Ghosts Digital Combo Pack (Xbox One & 360) £14.99 @ GamePointsNow
Found 21st Oct 2014Found 21st Oct 2014
The combo pack is now reduced to £14.99 (for a limited time) and entitles you to download Call Of Duty Ghosts on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 with just one code. This is a scan of th… Read more
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Perfect. Bought earlier and worked great for xbox one.


Nah, I love cod. Ghosts was the first bad one for me. Awesome single player though, just didn't care for the multiplayer aspect


I hope people will still be playing after Nov 3rd as I only got it for the multiplayer.


In that case maybe try a different game rather than continue to support the cash cow?


Bought ghost digitally on 360 along with the 360 season pass both transferred fine, there was a cut off date point though iirc

Ms Pac Man (Xbox 360) 99p via download code @ GamePointsNow
Found 27th Sep 2014Found 27th Sep 2014
Xbox 360 Arcade game: Ms Pac Man for £0.99p. Code delivered via email - redeemable on Xbox 360 Marketplace. This is the original arcade version of this addictive classic!
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just got the code sweet


paid with paypal, no email has come with a link code :( this happened before with gunstringer.


Has been 99p there for years now.

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Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One Digital) £18.99 @ GameKeysNow
Found 17th Sep 2014Found 17th Sep 2014
8 Hours Only. Forza Motorsport 5 from Turn 10Studios is the latest edition of the highest-rated facing franchise of the past 10 years. Built from the ground up to take advantage o… Read more
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Needs unexpiring and changing to £19.99, as deal looks to be extended for another 7 days, albeit a quid higher...


i've paid £22 for this game on Sunday. oh well... too late. it will take a long time for this game be free on xbox games with gold since MS will keep giving us Arcade games.


wow nice one! It downloads it before the release date? that's pretty cool.


Ha jump in the Ford Transit and try to get round the ring in ten minutes or under. :D


Thanks. Had Forza already but used those guys to get Fifa15 which is already now preloaded on my Xbox One.

Forza Horizon 2 (xbox one digital code) £39.79 @ gamepointsnow
Found 13th Sep 2014Found 13th Sep 2014
Pre-order: Keys will be sent before the release date. Code for Forza Horizon 2 Instantly delivered by e-mail. The average customer accessed their order only 47 seconds after payme… Read more
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They cancelled all orders


damn it i missed it i think it isn't showing on the site now. :( expired?


^ Yes when you've got 2 consoles /gameratags in your house


game sharing?


Anyone that ordered is possibly going to be a little disappointed as they can't get any stock and are instead offering £45 worth of xbox credit instead.

FIFA 15 Xbox One Digital Code £41.99 @ gamepointsnow
Found 9th Sep 2014Found 9th Sep 2014
Might not be for everyone, but since getting my Xbox One, i prefer downloading digital games & this seems a good price compared to the £60 they charge in the xbox store

when would I receive and be able to use the code as the game has not been officially released yet?


contrary to popular belief not everyone trades in, or lives life on the breadline? That's like saying why spend £35K on a car when a £3000 will also get you to the destination


Buy from USA/Hong Kong store with a gameshare buddy and you'll only pay £18 :)


Cold i can sell the game for 20 anytime till fifa 16 release


a lazy man and his money are easily parted

Bundle of 6 Digital Disney Games (Epic Mickey 2/Cars/Up/Toy Story 3 etc.) for PS Vita via £7.99 voucher code purchased @ GamePointsNow
Found 9th Sep 2014Found 9th Sep 2014
One instantly delivered voucher code gives 6 game downloads from the Sony PSN Store for your Vita. All the games are rated as suitable for children as they are rated as PEGI 7 or P… Read more
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ordered the 10 game mega pack from them this afternoon for 11.99 . I though was a cracking price. however I was sent a duff code and am now battling with customer services


i ordered this with the console for £139 looks good


Great Deal for kids man !!8)


Good deal. From what I remember Cars and Toy Story 3 on the PSP were pretty decent games too.


I think Epic Mickey is the only "Vita" game, the rest will be PSP titles.

Cod Ghosts Digital Combo pack (Xbox One & 360) £17.99 @ GamePointsNow
Found 3rd Sep 2014Found 3rd Sep 2014
The combo pack is back down to £17.99 and entitles you to download Call Of Duty Ghosts on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 with just one code. This is a scan of the actual retail code de… Read more
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Great deal and I've got from this site before no issue. No point condemning a deal cause someone had a bad experience.


I'm not into multiplayer (due to my total lack of skill against other seasoned human opponents!) I purchased this deal last time round purely for the SP campaign. that alone is worth the asking price. I found it enjoyable, though not the longest game to complete. heat from me


Lol I thought I was just getting worse and worse at the game. Nice to see im not the only one!


No hackers on XB1 :{ This is because of the differences in console generation. PC is even worse and is full of idiots that think consoles are for idiots. Once they worked out I was using a controller I got some nice abuse - something I thought was common on XBOX rather than PC. Still owned them all with my 'inferior' controls though...


Gotta agree with Alera. COD = Run around, shoot, kill, run around, get shot in the back, die... and repeat!!!

Titanfall for Xbox One (digital download code) £22.99 from Gamepointsnow
Found 1st Aug 2014Found 1st Aug 2014
From the website: Titanfall Xbox One game codes are in stock now! This code only suitable for UK/DE/FR/ES/IT Gamertags and contains English, German, French, Italian and Spanish la… Read more
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Now showing £27.99 Please expire. ;)


I like the game it's cool,so much hate for ms


Good price good game.


Fantastic game, heat added at this price.


I tried on chrome, firefox and safari and it wouldn't show but after half an hour i tried again and it finally appeared so all went well!

Call of Duty Ghosts £16.95 Gamerpointsnow xbox 360/xbox one combo
Found 26th Jul 2014Found 26th Jul 2014
Was on offer a few weeks ago for £17.99 so thought I would post as its over a £1 cheaper. And yes I know this is like Marmite but hey ho, each to their own.
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Anyone know if this works via gameshare? As in I dload it and then my brother does also as me from his console? We did this for FIFA 14


Are you sure it is still like that and even more so that you will get it. I never. I'll explain. It says you get 1st map pack/ 2 guns and wolf skin for Riley. This is the gold edition or rather was as they have removed this from the description of what you get now or it was gone from the description the last time I looked. There was no way to get the wolf skin & the 2 guns for free as it was trying to charge me (this might be because I have the season pass(eg a glitch or detrimental consequence of having the license for that) I can't say if the first map was being offered for free was indeed so as I already own the season pass so it will be(was) free but going on the other promised free dlc that I could not claim I would have assumed I would also not be able to get this for the promised price of free.


I'm gonna go for it since it works out about £8 for each version and I have both consoles. That's a bargain. Don't really care if people think this is for 12 year olds, whatever. It is still a decent 1st person shooter.


I'm gonna go for it since it works out about £8 for each version and I have both consoles. That's a bargain. Don't really care if people think this is for 12 year olds, whatever. It is still a decent 1st person shooter.


You also get the first dlc for free finally ended up buying this not entirely sure why though :)

The Gunstringer (Xbox 360 download code) £0.99 @ GamePointsNow
Found 5th Jul 2014Found 5th Jul 2014´s a game for 99p, can´t complain :D You need Kinect to play this game!
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out of stock


Bargain heat added


Have the code now. oO


I must admit it's a pain in the back ; ( but got the code thanks ;)


Yes once verified you should not have to go through the damn palaver again.

Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox 360 & Xbox One Combo) £17.99 @ GamePointsNow
Found 3rd Jul 2014Found 3rd Jul 2014
Digital Delivery Code for Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox 360 & Xbox One Combo) Instantly delivered by e-mail. The average customer accessed their order only 47 seconds after paymen… Read more
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Does this defo wok for xbox one? It says must be downloaded in 360?


Thanks for the info, gbu.


Great deal. I will be going for this just because Im an achievement **** lol so at least I can do the 360 one now and then access the One version when I buy one ;)


just bought thanks

Ms Pac Man  [Xbox Arcade] 99p  @ GamesPointsNow
Found 22nd Apr 2014Found 22nd Apr 2014
Delivered via email Currently £3.29 on Xbox MP the sequel to the world-renowned Pac-Man, now featuring 2 Warp Tunnels to move through. Also, the fruits which appear are no longe… Read more
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Yep, got it sorted but i do not like giving my mobile number out as they would probably spam/call me on my mobile. That's why i put my home number as I never answer it (no handset) but the line is there as part of requirement to use the broadband ;) Wish I could change from cold to HOT now :)


If you have a mobile and supply your mobile number it will just text you the code instead, I did it this way because I hate automated voices and didn't want to risk not understanding the code. Much easier by text IMHO.


how do I purches this they deliver the game


I've bought it but did not realise that it needs a verification over the phone. Said that I have to listen for 4 digit code for the code. I get no further email from them, will check tomorrow and if I don't get anything - I will contact them and see if they can solve that problem for me.


Game ok but screen is tiny does anyone know if it goes bigger when you unlock the boards or is this it ? thanks Tony

Lego Marvel Superheroes PS Vita - Gamepoints Now £15.99 (code)
Found 14th Mar 2014Found 14th Mar 2014
Full download game code for LEGO Marvel Superheroes on PS Vita. Works on UK and EU PSN accounts and is in English/French/German/Spanish/Italian LEGO Marvel Super Heroes features a… Read more

Not quite. Not the same as the main versions as the video shows, but they're not just bad 3DS ports anymore thankfully.


check it out for yourself: I'd feel robbed with the vita version.


the ps3 version looks great, however the direct ps3/vita comparison on YouTube really shows how rubbish the vita version is.


Cheapest I've seen it. Just to let people know this version of Lego Marvel it's not the same as the console version it's a 3DS port just like the other Lego Games on the Vita.

Found 14th Mar 2014Found 14th Mar 2014
Each of these games are around 7 pounds separately, here you get 6 for just £9.99. Just 1.50 each, bargain!!
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This is just for the games not the memory card (they do come as a pack but this company have split them to sell seperatly) What you actually get is a link to a photo of the scratched off code to redeem on the store As for space, think it's about 4gb for the lot, 3gb of which is epic Mickey. Also you don't have to play them all on the vita., only epic Mickey needs to be. Ratatouille, up, cars & toy story can be copied to psp & psp go (where memory cards are alot cheaper!) & mickey Wild adventure can be played on a ps3


The image they are using also says it comes with an 8gb Vita card. How will they sent that digitally?


While this is true, you have to factor in memory card space which is a premium on the PS Vita.


ordered 2 for my sons, great birthday presents - thanks


Agreed! Bit of a weird long winded way to get the code (click link, confirm phone number to get called & given a code to put into the site then given link in an email to photo of the code) Got epic Mickey, cars & mickey already so selling them will pay for this

PS Vita Mega Pack (10 Games) inc LBP, Wipeout, Lemmings @ Gamepointsnow - £10.99
Found 11th Mar 2014Found 11th Mar 2014
One code gives you these 10 games. Works on any UK/EU PSN account Games included are: 1) LittleBigPlanet PS Vita - PEGI 7 2) Wipeout 2048 - PEGI 3 3) MotorStorm RC - PEGI 7 4) Lit… Read more




I got the disney mega pack Vita, so got a 16gb card with that. Might go and bag me self a PS4 then, are the ps4 games any good that they provide ?


Correct. and if you also have a PS3 this month you will get the recent TombRaider Game and last months Bioshock Infinite is also still available i believe, on the PS4 you will get Dead nation. Even if you only have one of the Sony consoles PS+ still pays for it's self in just a couple of months with the free games. And they are yours to play for as long as you keep your PS+ sub running. remember you will need a memory card to store the downloads on though...maybe worth seeking out the titles in this dea still bundled with a memory card as it should be.


Straight port

Forza Motorsport 5 Full XB1 game download & Day One Car Pack £35.99 @ Getpointsnow
Found 6th Dec 2013Found 6th Dec 2013
Great game at a Great price :D o and The average order is e-mailed in only 47 seconds after payment ^^ Some of my paint jobs :D http… Read more
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Dam that did not last long at all! lucky I got one


Out of stock


Yea some custom voice commands for the norn iron people like me :( "xbox Mucker list"


Yeah - if its like the day one edition codes then there should be a code for the game and a seperate code for the cars....


They really, really need to shorten that to goto Forza.......