Games sale @ Asda Gravesend
Games sale @ Asda Gravesend

Games sale @ Asda Gravesend

Asda Gravesend has just cleared out what looks like older games.

There's a lot of large sets like Skylanders and Disney Infinity for Xbox 360 and PS3.

There was also a lot of various Xbox One and PS4 games. especially a lot of Mad Max for XB which was annoying as I wanted it on PS4 :-)

Also some Guitar Hero Live, a few Bluetooth speakers and some other bits and bobs.



Hi, What prices are the games?

prices would help as if they are only deducted by a couple of quid its hardly a deal.

Yes prices are important when posting deals

Yes. Very interesting knowing about mad max but what's the price matey

I'm interested in Mad Max's price too, you can get it from CeX for £15 or £14.49 new from base.com.


just been in my local loads reduced most £15 reside evil origins,mad max,rainbow siege,life is strange,don bradman cricket,witcher and others £10 moto gp 15,minecraft,black ops 3 but no real bargains I could see.

My local has the same, was tempted to get Far Cry Primal for £15 and there was a 1TB Forza edition xbox one for £150

Any PS Vita games?
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