Games Table offer - Half Price - £40.00 - Tesco Direct
Games Table offer - Half Price - £40.00 - Tesco Direct

Games Table offer - Half Price - £40.00 - Tesco Direct

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A load of BALLS!!

I don't know anything about the quality of this item but £40.00 for 4 games looks like a steal to me.

This 4 in 1 multi games table comes complete with 2 soccer balls, 1 set of pool balls, 2 cues, 2 pieces of chalk, 1 triangle, 2 pushers, 2 pucks, 2 table tennis balls, 2 table tennis bats, 1 net and a post.

This 4 in 1 multi games table requires home assembly.

Accessories Included

2 pcs soccer balls,
1 set pool balls,
2 pcs cues,
2 pcs chalks,
1 pc triangle,
2 pcs pusher,
2 pcs pucks,
2 pcs table tennis balls,
2 pcs table tennis bats,
1 set net & post
Assembly Home assembly
Brand Tesco
Product Depth 114 cm
Product Height 81 cm
Product Width 61 cm


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I think even if the quality isn't fab the price is pretty good. I had been looking for one of these before Christmas but couldn't find one for less than £100, so yes its a bargain. Shame I found a wee instead!

This is an absolutely cracking deal. Its a Harvard table. I know because I spend 2 hours last night putting our Harvard 7 in 1 together last night. I got the 7 in 1 for £60ish from Woolworths a month or two back and that was a bargain then. One of the best multifunction tables out there. At £40 for the 4 in1 is loses some parts which arent really worth much so this is an even better value. Go buy it!!!

If I was to get this it would mainly be for the Pool Table, is it 5ft?

not quite 5ft I think: Height 85cm x Width 61cm x Depth 140cm

see amazon.co.uk/Har…8-1

for an overview but bear in mind this has a couple of extra games, albeit not great ones...

OK Thanks, I doubt I will get it, it's a good buy though.

Not bad - I've got a 20-in-1 table and some on eBay at £99 - Tesco's currently got these at £149.

But at £40 it's a good price.

Don't forget Quidco 7% :roll:

Does the airhockey have a fan? If not, it would be a bit useless as the puck would stick.

However, it is a great price for a games table for kids. :thumbsup:

Not as good as the multifunction table we got in the US reduced from $180 to $17 in toys r us. It was such a good deal, I nearly didn't get it because I thought that, at that price, it must be ****!

Great price, we got a very similar one last year cost approx £100,
Air hockey does NOT have a fan
Although the price is good, ours was opened and used Chrismas day & Boxing day, since then it has had very little use, due to space being an issue, in fact I would say more time putting it together than played with.
Don't let this put you off though they are a great item if the child or adult uses it
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I'm thinking of getting this as an extra present for my girls son but when I'm going through checkout, it adds an additional £5 for delivery (coming to £44.82) and it doesn't seem to be accepting any vouchers, does anyone know any discount codes or a way to knock off delivery, as I seem to remember there was something about getting a simcard to get free delivery or something of the sort?

EDIT: Yep, I've just found a Sim Card with £10 credit for an extra 15p including delivery. :giggle:


Thanks for the post, just bought one of these at £44.79, very please we have been looking for more traditional games so i hope this goes down well as an extra present, bought before the 15p simm idea but never mind, its not much more than a computer game?:santa:

I bought one of these a few months ago - from the NEXT outlet for about £60.

Mainly got it for my wee ones toyroom - but it's a blast after a few beers with the gang round. Not the best quality going but exceptional value for £60ish and great value at that price so a STEAL for 40 quid !

Its made out of 'reconstituted' wood so don't expect a slate base or air fan for the hockey and the snooker balls will not always run in a straight line - but you giotta pay quite a few bucks for that privelage.

buy it, BUY IT :w00t: B U Y I T !! Then drink beer with your pals and use it. Its worth easily £40 for the table football (foosball? ) alone ! + you get a whole load of other crud too.

hot hot hot

This is now showing as £59.97 :-(

I took delivery of this item today and I would advise you to avoid it:

[*] The veneer is so wafer thin that it is lifting of the edges of the chipboard, on the legs as well as the table.
[*] An entire pack of screws is missing and some of the washers and bolts are short.
[*] Some of the screws used in the construction (i.e.: NOT the self assembly) are too long and have come through the other side of the chipboard and damaged the veneer on the other side.
[*] There is a sharp nail point protruding through the felt on one of the cushions so if you run your finger along it you could cut yourself.
[*] The sides of the table are badly marked with black streaks.
[*] General construction is so poor that if you were to subject it to any frequent use it won't last a year in my view.[/LIST]
This is barely worth the £40 sale price and never in a month of Sundays would it be worth £80. I'm really shocked that Tesco would even consider selling such a poor quality item.

Needless to say its going back.

We've just received our one earlier today and we haven't even attempted to assemble it yet but we've found 3 big cracks on the pool table and some of the wood looks used, which I'm very disappointed that a company like Tesco would send out a product in this condition.

How long does people think that it will take to receive a replacement from them, as my gf's son is very disappointed that his bonus christmas present has arrived and we won't let him play with it, so we want a replacement asap but the customer service department are currently closed?

My replacement took about 7 working days
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