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Post scriptum:supporters edition Pc cd key on steam only £20.40 at Games  Republic £40+ on steam
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
This edition comes with the soundtrack and us airbourne when released later on Bargain as over half price and only a couple of quid dearer than the standard edition from cdkeys
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kovdarkangel if you go to the feature list and open up it tells you the extras that you get with this edition


I heard you can't buy anything extra - as the developers wanted to keep the game true to balance and all for all. Alas money changes things (devil)


must of bought the deal from cdkeys for the basic game lol, i bought it had code within a minute of purchase and works fine for me on steam


Any reason why this is going cold? How's the retailer?

kovdarkangel posted other link as my ipad wont display properly

Total War: Warhammer -Digital copy £10.99 @ Games Republic
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
I have been looking to get a good deal on the first one and always been over £13. I have seen many deals for TW Warhammer 2 but I thought this was a good price if you don't own the… Read more
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expired? £33.16 now


One of the best games of the decade and my favourite TW game. Don't know why they didn't just call it Total Warhammer though!


I agree, it's nothing majorly groundbreaking, however the step in to the fantasy world (dragons etc) is something I've always wished they would do but never considered to be a possibility!


Might have done 500.....and I don't have the time either :-). Burnt out a bit on the 2nd, its a good game but not a ground breaking improvement for me, as of yet anyway.


Gone up to 12.24 ?

TOTAL WAR: ATTILA PC/MAC DIGITAL (Steam) £5.99 @ GamesRepublic
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Cheapest this game has been afaik
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Total war games are quality


Thanks op


Just for clarity, operating system support is MS Windows, OSX and Linux.


If someone want to try another TW game is TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER for £10.49 - here:


Worth 6 quid (y)

Assassin’s Creed Origins - DLC 1 The Hidden Ones (PC) Digital £7.49 - Games Republic
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
The Brotherhood story continues with the Hidden Ones, included in the Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Season Pass. Years after the birth of the Brotherhood, Bayek is called to the Sinaï… Read more

Hmm that was fast..they somehow developed a full expansion in 2 months or did they chop some off the main game to then sell on!


50p cheaper here :

SPINTIRES (Steam key) £4.39 @ Games Republic, now £3.99 @ The Humble Store
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
mthorpe30 It can be found cheaper at the Humble Store for £3.99 As far as I know, this is the cheapest this game has ever been. Steam user score: Very Positive (11,296 revi… Read more
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Works fine with xbox one controller, just have to map a few buttons or keep a keyboard near by for like the winch/lights/ and extra bits


A great game to bring out your inner tourettes


Cheers mate. I updated the post.


beautiful game


It can be found cheaper at the Humble Store for £3.99

[Price Error?] Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI - Digital Deluxe Steam Key - £13.99 - GamesRepublic
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
This is £60 on Steam . Mental price. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the next entry in the award-winning Civilization franchise, which has sold in nearly 33 million units wor… Read more
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Got the email from them today...2016 keeps getting crazier.


Well, RIP Gamesrepublic.


wow that's so crazy a lot more must have been bought to have that big of an effect... guess the person who made mistake won't find getting another easy... feel bad for them but if it was any other bussiness the same would happen ah well... bigger problems in the world bet people that have keys are half relieved half guilty Haha


just gonna drop this here: reddit linky Pretty sure your keys will be safe now


Same here. Still have both.

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Dark Souls II - Scholar of the First Sin (Steam) £7.19 (Potentially £6.83) @ GamesRepublic (Includes Free Copy of Anomaly 2)
Found 23rd Nov 2016Found 23rd Nov 2016
Use code: REGISTER-5-OFF to get the potential discount (thanks JackBauer) Gamers are in for a big surprise in DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin. An unforgettable journey awa… Read more
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Thanks mate appreciate the info. Just found the upgrade to SOTFS for £4.99 on Steam so that's happening!


SOTFS adds extra enemies and mixes a few up along the way. It does ramp up the difficulty, but is still easily the easiest in the series. There are a few frustrating areas, boss battles are easy and over very quickly. That said though, I'm a Souls veteran, so I've played them all and just find this easy. New players would probably find it difficult though. It's definitely worth a play. With the DLC it is a very big game, definitely bigger than DS3. That was much too short IMHO. Still the worst in the series, but that's only because the others are so brilliant. SOTFS is still great though.


By far and away the worst of the Soulsborne series, but worth it at this price.


Thanks for the advice. Great Idea. I never thought of doing that X) Like a fool I always try to fight my way through the mobs. I'll put it back on later. Dark Souls 3 I'll leave until it drops in price and hopefully it will be patched by then.


Just running and rolling past enemies can be a great help, I used to kill everything or at least try to but realised it can be best to leg it if you need to get your souls back etc. 3 is broken, brilliant but broken. Getting summoned as a blue sentinel almost never happens for many people which can stop you from getting some good loot.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Plus a Copy of Anomaly: Warzone Earth (GOG) 99p @ Games Republic
Found 11th Nov 2016Found 11th Nov 2016
A role playing game like no other, universally lauded for its deep story and rich, mature characters as well as its original art style and intuitive combat system.

I just got this game for free when redeeming my gwent beta code in gog.




Is this for Steam?


Also have Witcher 2 for £2.24


Fair warning, while this game is great if you're coming here expecting The Witcher 3 but less polished you're going to be disappointed. RPGs have come a long way since 2007, in particular the control schemes. In this one for sword combat you switch between styles then simply click at the right time to rack up combos. It works well and is fairly easy but means no controllers iirc. Oh also Geralt looks totally stupid waving his sword above his head. *waggle waggle waggle BOP you're dead*

Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse (Steam) £1.49 @ Games Republic (Also Includes Free Game)
Found 29th Aug 2016Found 29th Aug 2016
Mickey Mouse returns to star in Castle of Illusion, a fantastical reimagining of the Sega Genesis classic. With all-new HD graphics and gameplay, Castle of Illusion brings Mickey… Read more
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Anyone had this message? *** edit *** Ignore, so a post on Steam that keys were revoked due to some error and reinstated now.


Castle of Illusion remake will be removed from sale on yesterday.


Cheers OP, heat added :) , bought mine earlier today via this deal :) .


We have run out of Steam keys for Castle of Illusion, but more are on their way! As soon as we receive more Steam keys, we will add them to your download page. Sorry about the delay!


Good price, but this game's pap compared to the original. Reimagined 3D just doesn't work. At this price you may as well judge for yourself (and share my pain)

[GOG] The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings-Enchanced Edition (GamesRepublic) £2.24
Found 12th Aug 2016Found 12th Aug 2016
An epic, intense, emotionally charged adventure Non-linear game narration Three independent plot lines Several alternate endings dependent on the player’s choices A complex, realis… Read more
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Bought thanks. Sent me a 10% discount code for registering as a first-time buyer as well so only £2.02 in the end. They also added the well-rated 'Anomaly: Warzone Earth' game as a freebie too (still £8.99 on steam). A bargain any way you look at it.


Played through this recently on 360 for backstory after having played Witcher 3, would definitely recommend if you are a Witcher fan or not as this game felt less daunting as it's not open world like the 3rd game and is more narrative driven with some great characters and branching story arcs.


such an amazing game, would definitely recommend however i did not like the weight managing aspect of it so downloaded a mod to negate that. but loved the game.


£1.93 @ Opium Pulses EDIT: OOS


this was my favourite of the 3

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PC £15.49 @
Found 11th Aug 2016Found 11th Aug 2016
Cheapest price I have seen on PC. Konami Digital Entertainment continues forth the ‘METAL GEAR SOLID V Experience’ with the latest chapter, METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain. U… Read more

I'd bite at less than a tenner as there is some very mixed reviews.


I still haven't played it oO


Well......It's £15.19 on CDKeys with their Facebook code. *Get your time machines out* It were £12.34 yesterday.


Has been £9.98 on pc previously but this is the best at present.

Saints Row 4 GOTY Edition and Gat Out of Hell DLC plus Metro Redux (both games) £8.99 on
Found 1st Jul 2016Found 1st Jul 2016
Use the code BUNDLE-10OFF to get it for this. I think this is a great price for all these! As per usual I did a search but still no joy. Also mine came with a free copy of Anomaly… Read more

And it's on PSPlus this month


Also very true. It's a fun game and I enjoyed the musical interludes but definitely not a full entry in the franchise.


Done, thanks.


Might be worth specifying it's Saints Row 4 in the title just in case people somehow mistake it for an earlier entry. Definitely a good price, if I didn't already have 3 out of 4 of those games I'd probably go in for this one.


That is true - but it's a million miles from a new Saints Row. :(

[Steam] This War of Mine - £3.74 (Android - £2.74) - Games Republic
Found 17th Jun 2016Found 17th Jun 2016
The wind whistles through holes in the roof and pushes rain through windows shattered by the blasts. Wood for the stove ran out a week ago and it's getting colder and colder with e… Read more
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website looks down just after I signed up can't purchase :(


Good game.


I also got 10% off using this code when I registered with them. REGISTER-10-OFF £3.37 for steam. Thank you for posting.


I paid £2.99. Albeit £2.97 of that was from what was left of my "Rewards" thingie....


This War of Mine [Android] - £2.74

Anomaly Korea DRM free via Gamesrepublic
Found 9th Jun 2016Found 9th Jun 2016
Received an email from GamesRepublic regarding their sale and mentioned that Anomaly:Korea is free. Hope this helps somebody. Free is always good....

Registration didn't in Android Chrome (captcha pop-up didn't appear), but worked fine on pc. Cheers.


Thanks for the freebie


Make sure you are logged in,had the same thing happen to me.


I made an account and tried a few more times and still nothing


requires an account

[Steam] This War of Mine - £3.74 - Games Republic
Found 4th May 2016Found 4th May 2016
I'm led to believe we have an historical low on this. Remember it's also in the Humble Bundle Mobile Bundle 18 if a bit of Android activity takes your fancy. This War of Mine is t… Read more
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Thanks for posting. I am currently addicted to this game, buying it on another platform gives me more versatility (I can play it even when the kids are on the console). I haven't bought from Games Republic before, so was able to get 10% discount using code REGISTER-10-OFF


Yes, thank you very much. :)


My code has been claimed.


Same, I love tower defense games so nice bonus :)


Thank OP. Purchased This War of Mine + Stasis and got Anomaly: Warzone Earth free, doesn't look like my sort of game so offering up to first person to PM me an ask nicely! ;)

This War of Mine - £4.49 - GamesRepublic
Found 12th Mar 2016Found 12th Mar 2016
Cheapest I can see at the moment In This War Of Mine you do not play as an elite soldier, rather a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city; struggling with lack o… Read more

the game is differnt which i have to applaud it for - its a great concept but it is repetitive. going on day after day night after night - its something imo that suited more for mobiles.


Thanks for the heads up, I've got every bundle so far but I have both of those so can safely unsubscribe for a month!


I watched a streamer play this and it gets super repetitive. Its like a mobile game. 5 quid not well spent imo. It will actually be in a humble bundle soon and cost even less plus other games ;)


So if I sign up now I can get the two games (and the rest of the bundle). Can I cancel at any time?


If you grab one of the current bundles, Star Wars or Jumbo 6 for $1 you'll get a 10% off voucher for the monthly bundle. So reducing its price by a small amount or essentially getting the other bundle for free.

Assassin's Creed games on PC up to 75% off. Games Republic.
Found 17th Dec 2015Found 17th Dec 2015
Assassin's Creed saga on sale.
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A site pop-up said you can get an extra 5% off if you share your purchase on social media. Prices for the games between I and IV are same as they've been in other sales in the past year (that is to say that they haven't really gone lower, and they're good prices). If you don't have the Deluxe edition of Black Flag, the season pass is a pretty good price here (£2.99). Shame Rogue and Unity aren't more heavily discounted still, though (technical problems aside).

Lords of the Fallen Digital Deluxe Edition (PC) £7.49 at
Found 16th Dec 2015Found 16th Dec 2015
Why yes, yes it was £4.05 on Nuuvem. But it's 90 Euros there now (go and have a look). This is the cheapest I've seen right now. 288th post so please be nice.

Strong work


Cheaper at Funstock with their code. DEC-COUPMAIL-HOT20


I wonder why I never shop on Nuuvem!


They're not Euros, they're Brazilian dollars. Still makes it about £15.50 though.