Gamestation- 1.99 PS2 Games

Gamestation- 1.99 PS2 Games

Found 2nd Apr 2007
Wild Wild Racing:…3HF

End Game:…3HF

Headhunter: Redemption:…3HF

All only 99p plus £1 Delivery

Quidco 5%


I remember doing an order of about 20 games at gamestation and not one turned up. I find their online shop a total waste of time. So don't bank on getting anything.

Headhunters sold out already

It's not a real time stock update - so don't expect to get anything.

Placed an order recently, and when it hadn't arrived I chased it up to be told it was out of stock. Ordered something else via telephone, which has never arrived and there was no record of it. Given up - will stay away!

Yeah, me too. Placed some orders at xmas for some cheap games, BOGOF's, etc - They despatched the full price titles, ignored the cheap deals and charged me P&P for each title...

As a result of this I cancelled mine and my mates PS3 orders with them and purchased them from GAME instead, will never use them again.

This was the order i placed on the 27th March -

World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition (PSP) (NEW) (Main Stock)
Product Code: 711719675150 1 £0.99
End Game (PS2) (NEW) (Main Stock)
Product Code: 5017783454635 1 £0.99
Headhunter: Redemption (PS2) (NEW) (Main Stock)
Product Code: 5060004761616 1 £0.99

Though got an email today to say out of stock!
Now from my thread ]HERE I noticed they went back into stock on the 30th :x
Not worth the hassel in complaining. I just won't be shopping with them in future.

Do order processing emails mean anything then??

As ive had all 3 of my recent orders (for cheap games) go into processing...

No cancellation emails as of yet! :roll:


Do order processing emails mean anything then??As ive had all 3 of my … Do order processing emails mean anything then??As ive had all 3 of my recent orders (for cheap games) go into processing...No cancellation emails as of yet! :roll:

They didn't mean anything to me.
It took them 6 days from day of order to send me a cancellation email, and in that time i know of at least 2 occassions when the items were showing as back into stock.
They say it takes 3-5 working days to dispatch your order - so i'm presuming in that time it remains as available on the website.

Good luck in getting yours, how long since you placed your order?

Voted cold, simply because these games have been fluctuating between in and out of stock for months, and I don't believe that gamestation are capable of half decent stock management.


This was the order i placed on the 27th March -World Tour Soccer … This was the order i placed on the 27th March -World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition (PSP) (NEW) (Main Stock)Product Code: 711719675150 1 £0.99

I placed the same order back in December, no cancellation emails they just didn't bother - When I called to ask where it was I was told they had cancelled the order due to it being 'out of stock for a while' though funnily enough they admitted they were quite happy to re-order it for me at the full price which was now mysteriously available.:whistling:

Also did this with Fight Night PSP, Far Cry 360 and a few others...

Oh crap! Just got a email canceling my order for the 3 99p ps2 games from the other day...

Order Date: Tue 27th March 2007
Order Status: No Stock

Item(s) Quantity Item Price Saving Total
Spin Drive Ping Pong
Product Code: 5017783017854 1 £0.99 £0.00 £0.99
End Game
Product Code: 5017783454635 1 £0.99 £0.00 £0.99
Wild Wild Racing
Product Code: 5035687030489 1 £0.99 £0.00 £0.99

Other orders below are still processing:

Order Date: Wed 28th March 2007
Codename: Outbreak
Product Code: 5028587105265 1 £0.99 £0.00 £0.99
Product Code: 5030930025649 1 £0.99 £0.00 £0.99
007 NightFire
Product Code: 5030930032777 2 £0.49 £0.00 £0.98
World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition
Product Code: 711719675150 2 £0.99 £0.00 £1.98

Order Date: Thu 29th March 2007
007 NightFire
Product Code: 5030930032777 2 £0.49 £0.00 £0.98
World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition
Product Code: 711719675150 2 £0.99 £0.00 £1.98

and i just slipped in another order today...

TOCA Race Driver
Product Code: 5024866232073 1 £0.99 £0.00 £0.99
007 NightFire
Product Code: 5030930032777 2 £0.49 £0.00 £0.98
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003
Product Code: 5030930033095 1 £0.99 £0.00 £0.99

Not impressed so far, does anyone actually get their orders fulfilled!!

Gamestation have just confirmed despatch of my complete order including Wild Racer & End Game. So unless they get lost in the post that's a thumb-up from me.

Mine have been lost in the post before from them.

Until they are in your hands, don't expect them!

They're very good at marking an order as 'despatched' only for you to receive one item from an order of 5 (in my case) the rest then don't follow are subsequently cancelled at some point in the future.

A cynic might suggest this is an attempt to get rid of some items piling up in a warehouse somewhere on the off chance that customers will purchase additional items that Gamestation have no intention of delivering.

This lot are a joke , items ordered whilst in stock , account states orders despatched , orders then cancelled due to NO STOCK .

Very poor quality service from this mob. I have only received 2 out of the 4 games ordered twice in a row now so to say their website is not up-to-date is an understatement. They even had the cheek to charge my credit card for all 4 games last time. I only found out when I checked my CC bill as the receipt said I would only be charged for the two. I had to phone them to get it credited back. Leave well alone. I made the mistake twice thinking the first time was a one off. It wasn't. I sent their website an email last year about the first incomplete order. Got an amazing reply email that the person who deals with the orders was on holiday so couldn't deal with it. Unbelievable. Absolutely useless.

I've spotted several recent deals from Gamestation but they were all marked as 3-8 days for dispatch and from my experience, they're ridiculously slow for this and when i ordered games instock on a couple occasions, both seperate orders took them a few weeks to arrive.

They're without a doubt, one of the worst online gaming stores to order from and if you say anything, they'll just talk out of there backside and contradict everything they previously said moments before.

I consider Gamestation to be as bad as HMV online, which is a shame because i rate both stores on the highstreet.

I've never had a problem at all with HMV online , the service has always been excellent . Gamestation on the other hand have just cancelled my 2nd order in a row that my kids were really looking forward too . They are a bunch of cowboys & the service they provide is a crock of **** , I will never ever try this lot again & one thing is for sure they'll be getting negative publicity out of me every time someone asks about them .


I feel better now

Ive only ever had problems with them. Il never shop with them again.

I order now and then to give them a chance - but they are a shocking online company and should be avoided.

Just want to echo the feelings with regards to their online operation - it's shocking, absolutely no assurance of receiving anything you order from this bunch.

Best to expect not to receive anything and then be happy if you do in my opinion.
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