Gamestation Beat trading in price from CEX on WII Fit! £101 Exchange
Gamestation Beat trading in price from CEX on WII Fit! £101 Exchange

Gamestation Beat trading in price from CEX on WII Fit! £101 Exchange

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As title! i even told the fella on the phone that they was giving the exchange of £105 and they said they`ll give me £106. I asked did i need any proof of there exchange rate and they said no!

People voted cold on my last post because they said you would not get the cash of CEX! You`ll get the cash from GAMESTATION + £1 extra

In addition to the above link!



can someone confirm this?

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just ring up your local gamestation! as long as you have a CEX in your town they`ll do it!

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Someone resize please!

Gunna take advantage on gamestations price match

Called my 2 local GameStations this morning I asked do you price match they said yes then as soon as I said the letter C they said no we don't price match with CEX as most times they don't offer the same amount as they say they will on the webpage gutted.

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Gamestation Ltd
21, Market Place, Wigan, Lancashire WN1 1PE
Tel: 01942 324685

Someone ring that number to confirm


calm down yeah... firstly im not bothered about Wigan lol.

What do Gamestation normally give you for wii fit?

Why don't you ring it!?!?!

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Why don't you ring it!?!?!

I have!
Thats how i found out about it!

i use my local gamestaion a lot for there price matching on trade-ins, but they will not beat cash prices. i have used my local one for several years and they always beat cex trade in by a pound but will never beat cash price.

i rang my local gamestation and they said they will give me £35 cash &£45 for trade in for my wii fit
when i said will you price match cex they said yes they will
will require 2 forms of id for cashing in though

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STILL A GOOD POST AT £101 vouchers!

This is still £31.01 profit!

Rang them up. £45 cash. I told them cex are doing it £100 exhange, they said they cannot honour this.

Voted cold

Right time of year really for keeping hold of a Wii Fit and peddling it on Ebay in the next few months, especially if you can hold onto it to the week before Xmas, once little Jimmy is so desperate for his Christmas present and parents stupidly have left things too late you would be surprised what silly money WIi Fits will go for, along with Pink DS Lites if anything like last years Ebay Pink DS Lites craze.

Seems hit and miss to me.

ill be intrested if anybody wanted to sell there used wiii fits ;-) i will advertise in my local paper

Went in the Middlesbrough Gamestation today with a Wii Fit. £36 cash or £51 exchange. Siad they only price match CEX on Trade in Price - Exchange price... which i didn't want.

So from what my store said, they only price match and + £1 Trade in prices only... not cash values

So took it down to CEX for my £84 in cash. Thankyouuuu

Easy £35 profit

I did this in Newcasltea while ago. The guy confirmed (it was on a board above and infront of him) and took my games and printed receipts. I had people waiting for me so rushed without checking. Didn't give me the extra £1, couldn't be bothered to go back for a couple of quid (despite wanting to for principle).

Have been back since and the guy is honestly useless though, I think he is the manager/runs the store, I have never purchased from them since though.

Had problems with CEX in Newcaslte also, every single time I have been there. Scratched discs and every single game I have purchased has required me going back for the manual (by now it's probably apparant that I rush about alot, lol).

I went into gamestation to trade super smash bros on the wii. Cex offer 22 exchange and gamestation wouldnt price match it. I overheard the manager saying it was too high to his colleauge then he came over to me and gave me some rubbish about cex stock being graded so they couldnt match it. Also he tried to fob me off by saying that a cex price print out from their website was not sufficient to do the price match as cex online prices were different to instore. I knew this wernt true but i just ended up walking away. I cant be bothered with gamestation any more, they clearly try anything to get out of price matching.


checked the cez site and they say they give
We buy for : £57.00
Give exchange : £83.00



checked the cez site and they say they giveWe buy for : £57.00Give … checked the cez site and they say they giveWe buy for : £57.00Give exchange : £83.00 ]http://www.cex.co.uk/search/index.php?stext=wii+fit§ion=all&ispostback=1&mode=sell

price has dropped since the original post

eg all gamestations have had over 50 in each over the last weekend


damn i wanted a dslite would of got it for 70 quid too
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