Gamestation Buy PURE for xbox 360 £19.99 - Trade in Price £22

Gamestation Buy PURE for xbox 360 £19.99 - Trade in Price £22

Found 6th Nov 2008
Not sure if anyone has tried this - on the Gamestation website Pure for 360 is Priced at £19.99 but just below it has a Trade in Value of £22!!!


cex give £24 exchange dont gamestation beat cex trade in price by £1

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Not Sure - would love to try put in store and see if deal was…gif

Bizarely even on their own site they are offering £22 trade in value for this!

was £17.99 on hmvs site the other day when I bought it .... and had quidco too !!

Just for your information this is online only. Went into a store yesterday and they wouldn't match it and had it priced up at £39.99.

Some of their prices were quite laughable , various prices for the same game. Pre-owned games priced higher than the new copies on the shelf next to them.. COD5 £35 and COD4 £39.99 ??
Gamestation has really gone to poo lately.
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