GameTrak controller (PS2) - £1.95 delivered @!

GameTrak controller (PS2) - £1.95 delivered @!

Found 13th Feb 2009
Handy if you have some of the games already and just want a second controller. From the site:

Gametrak is a revolutionary new controller for PS2 which gives users precise and intuitive control in 3D space unlike camera technologies, Gametrak allows movement forwards and backwards as well as up, down, left and right, and does all this without any time delay or processor overhead.

Instead of a complex and intimidating series of buttons and joysticks; fighting games will enable users to physically punch opponents using boxing gloves; sports games will allow users to pick up and play using real golf clubs or tennis rackets; adventure games will become totally immersive as users are able to manipulate virtual onscreen objects with their hands.


Got one of these with the fighting game Dark Wind, actually a really good work out, fists flying everywhere...add in your own float like a butterfly foot moves and you'll knock off some of that pizza flab

Couldn't find it on thier site myself

The Golf Game is pretty awesome - more accurate than the Wii. Only problem is that when the game has slowdown (on some of the more complex courses) the tracking doesn't work properly.

Can you give a direct link as all I can find is this:…htm

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