GAMEware Blu-Ray Disc Tower (PS3) £3.99 inc.p+p @ Game

GAMEware Blu-Ray Disc Tower (PS3) £3.99 inc.p+p @ Game

Found 7th Jan 2011
GAMEware Blu-Ray Disc Tower

Whether you use you PS3 for gaming, movies or both, you can keep up to 15 of your fave Blu-ray boxes in one place with stylish Disc Tower!

This is a great storage solution for those with small to medium-sized gaming collections – and if you’re collection happens to be larger, it gives you the option of keeping your most-used titles right next to your console, where it will fit right in thanks to the sleek, jet-black design.

Been looking for a small solution to storing my PS3/blu ray boxes and after researching all day this was constantly recommended. Funnily enough I came across it on eBay originally whilst looking for the cheapest solution, the 2 available were £4.99 plus postage! It was only later I found out they are originally from game, and brilliantly, cheaper!

Just ordered myself 2. The reviews on game are generally good and state they can be stacked. Hopefully this will help someone else.
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Or just stack your DVDs and BluRays up vertically. That way, you'll save £3.99, and you can do more than 15! Amazing.

but just think how much hasle it is to have to hold the top 10 or more to get the one near the bottom lol
Seriously cheap looking
Never been a fan of these sorta disc towers myself. I stack all mine up without a tower. I don't think 10 would be enough for me, plus these aren't really worth £3.99, but will struggle to find the exact same sorta product any cheaper anyway.

Not voting either way as I don't think this is good value, but then its the cheapest I've seen one of these (for BluRay/Ps3 discs). Thanks for posting though!
I know it's not for everyone, just like anything here. I've been stacking dvds as pre-mentioned for ages and after awhile, it's really not convenient, otherwise we wouldn't bother with any sort of storage units.

Bottom line is, it's cheapest I could find of it's design, it's perfect for small storage, which I was after, it's easy to find large storage units but I specifically wanted something on the smaller size to accomodate my needs and fit the space. Considering how cheap they are, they don't really look that bad, I'm fairly certain manually stacking blu ray boxes looks alot worse and tacky, I know, i'm doing it until these turn up. It may be beneficial to someone out there so I figured I'd share it having spent ages looking for something like this when there really aren't many options. (Atleast not in the U.K)
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