Gamexpert Cooler King £12.99
Gamexpert Cooler King £12.99

Gamexpert Cooler King £12.99

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Run your 360 on a computer monitor for £13!!

"The Cooler King is the 3-in-one solution to cooling your XBox 360, connecting up to 4 media players at the same time and playing games with high definition sound and picture quality.

1. The internal fan cooling system reduces the operating temperature of the console - helping to prolong gaming sessions.

2. At the same time the Cooler King gives you the option to connect VGA, Component and S-VHS cables for high definition gaming, and optical output for digital surround sound.

3. You can also connect your MP3 player, digital camera and additional wired controllers through the USB hub multi-tap facility.

The Cooler King is easy to install - just plug into the XBox 360 and go! (Comes supplied with a scart lead for connection to standard definition TV)."

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Looks interesting.. anyone used one of these?

Reviews on Amazon suggest it's a bit crap... I'm giving it a miss. Shame though, sounded like a great product.

What games support more than 4 players tho ???


Reviews on Amazon suggest it's a bit crap... I'm giving it a miss. Shame … Reviews on Amazon suggest it's a bit crap... I'm giving it a miss. Shame though, sounded like a great product.


"The cooler king is basically a big rip off. As the 360 was not designed to have its pre-existing connections mannipulated in this way, most users will be utterly disapointed with the accessory. The componant RGB connection on the rear does not work the way it should as the colours are wrong (most display with a pinkish/redish tint). However the VGA connection does work up to 720p (apparently).
By the way to any previous critisisms about the cooling system... YOU ARE ALL WRONG! the system works by sucking all the hot air out of the system, not by blowing cool air into it. It does work and stops your 360 from crashing and distroying your discs.
However my advice is to spend the extra cash and buy official 360 accessories as they are all certified by production line watchdogs (they do what they're meant to!)
And as for a cooling system... buy the NYKO. It was commissioned by microsoft and is cheaper than the cooler king. It is the perfect solution to the console hanging, discs cracking and the "RING OF DEATH" problem with the DVD drive.

(by the way the console will not put out 1080p without the 360 adapter which will "enable the switch" in the console)"

"I bought the Cooler King for my xbox360 under the impression it would make things run a little smoother..Got all the component cables and digital sound cables plugged in,ready to go.I turn it on and my xbox360 loads up with a bright pink screen..Not chuffed.
Waste of money.So are the Nyko cooler fans too come to think of it."

"takes power from usb and the av port, so fans run at 5v and 0.12a each, they dont feel like they push much air at all and seem like more air moves with it off. but you can dismantle this with a screwdriver so a mod on the fans to say sum delta fans and a external 12v supply would be good. the vga works fine on it as does the svideo and composhite. comes with a composite to scart cable and the 4 port usb semt good for my 4pads but doesnt have enough power to run the webcam! again kinda bad. oh also myne the component wouldnt output above 480p even if the manual said it would. i thought it was of my cables so i bought some new good ones and still no joy, i have heared from the manufacturer that the low usb power and non HD componet output has been fixed on the new version but i wouldn't buy this unless you know its a new one, myne came from play . com and was a old one. still if you want to plug ONLY 4 pads in and use vga output this is dam handy and cheap, if you want extra cooling and component its a risk and alot of modding to get what you want."

Reviews on any external 'cooling' device for the 360 aren't too great.. the Nyko one even scorches your console!

AVForums have lots of comments (both sides) on these,

Stay clear of this i advise you not to get at allThis cooler broke my 360 … Stay clear of this i advise you not to get at allThis cooler broke my 360 about 3 weeks agoAfter having the three lights of death i tried to take the cooler and plug out of the xbox but couldnt get the cooler off so i had to break the cooler off thexbox(as i couldnt send the xbox off with the cooler on the back), i broke the cooler in to two pieces so that the fans and back plastic were separated from the internal plugHowever i found inside the cooler theres some glue to keep wires in the correct place to the internal plug and that the wires had warmed up, melting the glue making it run down the wire sticking the xbox and the internal plug together.After that it took two people and some heavy duty pliers to take the plug offnow waiting on xbox with those damn labels


Do NOT get these. At best they don't help at worse they actively damage your 360.

If they did one without the fan though I'd be interested just for the ports.

Lol at all the people that voted this piece of crap hot.
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