Gamexpert PSP Power Grip (white or black) - just £9.99 at Argos

Gamexpert PSP Power Grip (white or black) - just £9.99 at Argos

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Found 28th Mar 2007
This Gamexpert PSP Power Grip is available in white or black and has been reduced from £19.99 to just £9.99 at Argos!

Details: 5 Products in 1 * Built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery boosts your playtime by up to 4 hours, dependant on console settings * Moulded handgrip for improved comfort * Movie stand * Screen protector * Sun visor * Uses official PSP power supply to recharge internal battery * For ages 8 years and over.


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Here's the white version!

Not sure why people are voting this cold?
I have had one for a year now, and does a fantastic job, not only do you have an addition battery, use it as a stand, a sun visor, etc but it also protects the screen when not in use - my screen hasn't a mark on it.
Ok, it takes a little while to get use to the extra weight, but it hasn't effected my gamplay - infact i find it easier to maintain a decent grip with the fighting games lol
Voted Hot - Well done millarcat :thumbsup:

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Thanks a lot for the feedback and the warm up saintscouple (it was getting chilly in here)

Nice find Cat


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Thanks edi
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