Gaming Accessories 30% off TODAY ONLY @ Memory Bits
Gaming Accessories 30% off TODAY ONLY @ Memory Bits

Gaming Accessories 30% off TODAY ONLY @ Memory Bits

This is 1st post so be nice!!!!

30% off all gaming accessories. TODAY ONLY!!!!!

I have just bought several items for the Wii including a motion plus for £12.97.

There are accessories for DS, DSI and Wii.

There is 15% off on site then a further 15% off when you enter the code: gaming15


Hi Memory Bits

newsale20 still works for 20% off but i havent tried it with gaming15.worth a punt tho surely

Thought it was just one code per order?

Would love to be wrong...

not a bad deal,

but a bit of poor advertising..........and maths.

"We've reduced all gaming accessories buy 15%" - should that not read "....BY 15%"??
It might be my English that is off.............it is getting late ;-)

Also the 15% off - with a further 15% off doesn't equate to 30% off
It's close but it is only 27.75% off overall.

A lot of the Wii accessories (original controller etc. ) have 30% off before the promo code too
(which is nice) after the promo code this is about 40% off :thumbsup:


do not buy from this website, they use cheap tactics. I placed an order with them on the 21st of Jan for the memory stick. They charged me straight away...15 days after I am still trying to call them, their chat is mostly down, when you call their premium number no one answers. Luckily I got hold of a chat operator who said they were waiting for stock and did not when it will arrive and all this while they were only telling me the order was processing...ridiculous service...just got a refund and am happy as I was scared for my money...
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