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IdeaPad Gaming 3i Gen 7 (16" Intel) Laptop - £799.99 @ Lenovo

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Is there anything better under £1000?
RTX™ 3050 Ti
16" WQXGA (2560 x 1600)
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    For the same price you could have a RTX 3060 which deliver +50% perfs
    Where please?
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    Alternative suggestions please.
    Would rather have latest gen CPU than latest GPU. Would rather have good build quality over outright specs.
    Not too bothered about ram/SSD size as long as they are upgradable.
    15-16 inch only.
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    I bought an Avita laptop on Black Friday for a little over £100. Does all I need. It's actually faster than the desktop I use and 4gb memory isn't a problem when using the internet and going on youtube

    These laptops seem all about status. There is no reason to have a 12700H chip in a laptop. Yes it might open some things up about one tenth of a second faster. But really?
    Most people won't be buying these machines purely for internet and YouTube!

    If they are then they're idiots anyway
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    Ok. I get what some are saying that a cheap old laptop off eBay will do most of what you need for day to day. Will it be future proof for another 5-10 years? Will the battery last more than 30mins, will it weigh less than 5kg and will the screen be any good?

    My use case apart from usual day to day surf, work, multimedia is light gaming (titles from the last 2-3 years) and dual boot Kali Linux for some cyber security training.
    Linux isn't going to take any power at all. Unless you are running Killer Instinct on an emulator.

    Don't need to spend £800 to get something that's going to have a decent battery and modern fast processor.

    You can sometimes get Ryzen machines with 5500 chips for £350. Future proof would be to buy one of them now and a new machine when needed. Probably 5 years time. Than to try drag out 10 years with this item

    Why are computer people snobs?
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    Purchased recently at this price. Unfortunately some minor cosmetic imperfections on case so going through replacement process. On paper and based on reviews good value given specs inc 16" high res screen. Plan on using as daily driver for WFH and for Dev/Test type activities.
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    cons: build from plastic, ddr 4 memory, ....not too shabby for the money...if intend to play games on it get 3060 GPU variant
    heat aded !
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    Possibly a decent option for me. Thinking slightly into the future slightly, if ram/GPU and storage are upgradeable, it could be something my son can use when he's probably at the age for running heavier games.
    I don't think Ram is upgradeable
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    Seems a decent laptop for Adobe work

    I ended up going for a 12700h qhd 165hz ips 16gb/1tb rtx3070 used (2 months) off eBay for £1k (edited)
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    Decent spec laptop Vs price
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    If you just want to go online. Get a cheap 10" tablet or chromebook. If you want to play games. At least with the Xbox you'll get a free controller and with the series S you can get the game pass for a tenner a month. Hardly spend any money. And have a free controller and all the TV leads/apps
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