Gaming/tv Bean bag chair 20%off GREY £43.19 @  Bean Bag Bazaar

Gaming/tv Bean bag chair 20%off GREY £43.19 @ Bean Bag Bazaar

Found 8th Apr 2012
Nice chair, Just ordered ideal for gaming etc...
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Getting chilly but it seems a decent price. I ordered one for myself last week after looking at the prices of bean bags.... wanted a half decent one and was surprised at how expensive they were, at least with this one it look as if it'll be super comfy.
7% quidco cashback too....
If price isn't so much of a concern I'd highly recommend getting a chair with as high a back as possible, especially if you are tall.

I spent a fair few hours on mine (which was 120cm so bigger than that one there) and you'd get off sometimes feeling really sore in the lower back. I'm just under 6 foot 3 (of course the length of your upper body is more relevant than your height, I'm more balanced in the leg to upper ratio than some).

Quality wise the one I got was great, they do a 140cm high back one…ag/

I'd maybe say go for suede as it will hold a shape better, depends if you want to squash it around to your taste.
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