Gamma Head Torch from Alpkit (incl delivery)

Gamma Head Torch from Alpkit (incl delivery)

Found 21st Jan 2010
This has been out of stock for ages; it's just too good for the price.

Now back in stock

I've just had e-mail notification and have ordered one.

From the site ..

It had been a good day, they had climbed the Fiamma but they had also missed the very last cable car. They faced a long dark descent through thick woodland, and without a torch a real drag. The day was saved by Charles who pulled out his Gamma; that little torch just lived in his sack and he had been dying for an opportunity to use it. The team filed in behind him and followed the flashing red light off the mountain.

Take advantage of our multibuy option, order 5 or more of the same colour to get the Gamma headtorch for £11 each.

Good for camping and general use in the house, in case of a power cut or that bit of DIY when the power has to be turned off.

News: Gamma was voted best value head torch in the February edition of Trail magazine.

This company makes very good sleeping bags too .. take a look for yourselves !!


They still make 1W Luxeon LEDs?!?

These are incredibly good - and seem way brighter than others. and battery life is great. These are very solidly build unlike a lot of far eastern cheap stuff. These are cheap, but excellent quality.
I even had to check out the customer servie when I dropped it from height and broke the battery compartment lid - they replaced it free, arrived the next day...awesome!
5 stars from me!

i do a lot of night fishing & am really tempted by this, would i be dissapointed though, is it really that bright ? as i already use a led headlight, its bright but could be better.

Apart from price & i know you get what you pay for but how does the Gamma lamp compare to the Petzl Tikka range ?
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