Gamma Ray - Insanity and Genius/Land of the Free £6.99 @

Gamma Ray - Insanity and Genius/Land of the Free £6.99 @

Found 26th Jan 2010
Relating to my earlier post regarding the new album I found this which is a complete steal. These are the bonus edition versions of Gamma Ray's 3rd & 4th albums and used to sell for £10+ each on eBay so £6.99 for both is a bargain. This is worth the money for Land Of The Free alone, Gamma Ray's best album and easily one of the best metal albums ever.

There's also a reissue of their 1st & 2nd Albums (Heading for Tomorrow/Sigh No More) for the same price.

Insanity & Genius
o 1. Tribute To The Past
o 2. No Return
o 3. Last Before The Storm
o 4. Cave Principle, The
o 5. Future Madhouse
o 6. Gamma Ray
o 7. Insanity And Genius
o 8. 18 Years
o 9. Your Turn Is Over
o 10. Heal Me
o 11. Brothers
o 12. Gamma Ray [extended version/bonus track]
o 13. Exciter [bonus track]
o 14. Save Us [bonus track]

Land Of The Free
o 1. Land Of The Free
o 2. Track
o 3. Rebellion In Dreamland
o 4. Man On A Mission
o 5. Fairytale
o 6. All Of The Damned
o 7. Rising Of The Damned
o 8. Gods Of Deliverance
o 9. Farewell
o 10. Salvation's Calling
o 11. Land Of The Free
o 12. Saviour, The
o 13. Abyss Of The Void
o 14. Time To Break Free
o 15. Afterlife
o 16. Heavy Metal Mania [bonus track]
o 17. As Time Goes By [bonus track]
o 18. Silence, The [bonus track]

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